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Agile Training

Our trainings are like concentrated juice – content lasts way beyond the training. You will get new ideas to try for weeks and months after the training. Our trainings are survival packages filled with real life examples. We offer private trainings for your organisation on top of our public trainings.

Welcome to the Source of New Ideas!

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Our agile training programs and events will empower you with new perspective and loads of energy. We have sliced our training into small, efficient modules, so that it would be easy for you to join, and that you could quickly try out the new ideas within your daily work. As a bonus, we’ll give you the best tips how you can learn to learn. We provide trainings in Finnish and English, and many also in Swedish and Spanish. Check out our training calendar.

Examples of Our Trainings and Workshops


Agility is a Mindset

Agility cannot be installed like a software. It’s all about the mindset and culture. Give yourself some time, and let the understanding sink in.

Don’t let the methods manage you, but use the tools for your benefit in an agile, proactive and reactive culture.

Structure with Methods

Methods give a good structure to work, a good starting point. They help you find your own path. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel, but we are gathering the best ideas and practices from the field, so that you can get tested and working tools to your toolbox. Excel the methods and find new boost to your own role.

Time to Grow?

When team or two is no longer enough, you’ll find the keys to scaling agility from us. Building quality and collaboration are the thing.

You can also find trainings and workshops for the worlds most popular scaling framework SAFe.

Business Agility

Agile teams require an agile, supportive environment to flourish. When business around us thinks agile, it builds the ability to react to change.

We need transparency, human centric behaviour, and collaboration over organisational borders and continuous learning.

business agility

Are you Looking for a Training for Your Organisation?

Did you find something interesting from our training calendar that would fit for your team? We can do it! We’re also happy to customize our training program for you, to make sure you are getting your money’s wort. Let’s book a remote coffee break, and discuss more!

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