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Scrum for Business


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Scrum gives development a rhythm and a ready-made structure for reviewing results and learning quickly. Agility is not squabbling, but planning. Transparency, a clear rhythm and quick feedback help increase the speed of response. Continuously develop your business, products or services by improving the ways of working and the end result.

Focusing on sensible and valuable things will help you achieve more in less time. The world is full of useless things that have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort to design and develop. For example, how many programs do you use from your washing machine?

So, what is the deal with the most used agile method in the world? We study Scrum hands-on, through practice. Scrum uses sprints, just like in sports. These are short periods of time during which tasks are planned and performed, and outputs are reviewed. Finally, we need to look back and examine what went well and where we could still improve.

Scrum for Business Content:

  • Agile thinking
  • What is Scrum?
  • An exercise in which we go through e.g.
    • the roles and responsibilities of Scrum (Product Owner (PO), Scrum Master, Developer)
    • events
      • Sprint
      • Sprint Planning
      • Daily Scrum
      • Sprint Review
      • Retrospective
    • artefacts and commitment
      • Product Backlog and Product Goal
      • Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goal
      • Increment and Definition of Done (DoD)
  • Scrum simulation: experience the events of Scrum in a practical exercise

The length of the training is 6 hours.

Who is the training suitable for?

This course is suitable for individuals who are interested in learning Scrum methodology and want to apply it in the development of business, products, or services. The course is designed for those who wish to learn how to organize and manage projects effectively, receive rapid feedback, and continuously improve.

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