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Workshops and Facilitation

Well-planned and organized workshops can enrich and boost strategic work, innovation and team building day. With the help of our experienced facilitators you can get more productivity and better outcome during your session.

Workshops and professional facilitation are effectives way to achieve better outcomes and boost productivity in the same time span. Well-organized meetings and workshops also help to increase the feeling of satisfaction and meaningfulness of work.

Why Choose an External Facilitator?

Normally, workshops are organized by the team manager or subject owner. Unfortunately, very often it leads to an event, where the manager does the bigger part of talking and the audience remains in a passive role. As part of agile thinking, it’s the team who should be in the centre of attention. By inviting an external experienced facilitator your team can benefit of well-planned agenda and better team involvement, resulting in more efficient use of the time of your team.

The Workshops We Offer

At Taskmill, you can order either a ready-made workshop or series of workshops as well as an out-of-the-box solution tailored specifically for your event. Click on the drop-down arrow to know more or to order a specific workshop or contact us to get a unique solution to meet your needs.

Strategy Implementation Using the OKR Model Workshop Series

OKR, i.e. Objectives and Key Results. The OKR model is a popular, acknowledged strategy implementation model. It is used by many successful companies such as Google and Netflix. At the same time, our practical OKR workshops, prepared with good examples and tasks, are standardized in the right way, and on the other hand fit you well like a tailor-made suit.

First, we help executives embrace the most important, inflexible concepts with the OKR model and its rationale. Next, we will direct your organization to apply them to appropriately fit you. The old saying goes that when you first learn the basics of writing, it’s easier to write creative text. The same is true of this theory. By learning the basics, you will be able to adapt them to fit the needs of your organization. Finally, we will direct you to formulate and actively monitor the OKR objectives and key OKR results, and to respond to the results at all levels of strategy work.

Our OKR Workshop:

  • Part 1: The OKR model, what it is and what it isn’t (training, 1-2 hours)
  • Part 2: How to apply the OKR theory in practice (workshop)
  • Part 3: Formulation of the first OKR objectives and key results (workshop)
  • Part 4: Monitoring of OKR results and functional retrospective (workshop)

The workshops last about 2-6 hours, depending on the needs of your organization.

Note: You can also order the training in Part 1 separately if you only want to evaluate if the OKR model is right for your needs.

Read more about the OKR Workshop

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Agile Change for Management Workshop Series

Embark on a journey of modern, agile leadership and organization with us in this workshop series! Your leadership team will internalize the benefits of agility and give you the tools to initiate agile change in your organization. The workshop series will also enrich the work of your management team.

Agile methodology is meant to increase the transparency and parallelism of the organization, across the board. This also places new demands and opportunities on management. We train your management team for agile change and create the capacity to start working on the change itself, one task at a time.

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Does the staff also need support to better embrace the principles of agility? Check out our very popular training, Fundamentals of Agile.

ABC of Service Design

Do you want to learn what service design is and how you can use it to plan and produce better service experiences for your customers? This workshop is just for you!

Customer-focused organizations know how to make better products, and therefore succeed more often. At the heart of customer-centricity is service design – that is, that the products and services really meet the customer’s needs. This workshop guides participants to the principles, tools and techniques needed in service design projects. The workshop combines lean, agility and design thinking with a culture of experimentation. In addition, we will teach you how to create value when you combine customer expectations and needs with the organization’s capabilities and strategies!


We want you to experience service design. That’s why the workshop has less lecturing and more applied group exercises. The following topics will be discussed during the workshop:

  • The benefits of service design for the company and the customer
  • What does the customer’s service experience consist of?
  • Service design, design thinking, lean and agility
  • Principles of service design
  • Value Proposition Definition (tbd)
  • User research methods and tools, qualitative and quantitative
  • Service design toolkit: customer path, service blueprint, empathy map, prototyping, testing
  • The five steps and five days of the Design Sprint
  • Roles and competence in a service design project

The workshop lasts 7 hours in total, but if you wish, we can also split the workshop into two different days.

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Design Sprint Workshop

Are you starting a new product or service development project? With the help of Design Sprint, you clarify the business opportunity, create a concept for customer needs and validate it with users in one week.

Design Sprint is an effective workshop method for product development and service design, originally developed by Google Ventures. A Design Sprint condenses work that usually lasts months into five days and commits the team to common goals. During five intensive days, numerous ideas are produced with a multidisciplinary team, the best of which are refined into a prototype and finally validated with test users.

This workshop in cooperation with our partner, Alpha Design Partners. Their trainers have decades of experience in managing and implementing design work as part of the organization’s activities. The workshop is facilitated by an experienced service designer/product designer.

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Facilitating a Better Retrospective

Retro, meaning Retrospective, is one of the most important cornerstones of agile. Continuous improvement will only succeed if we are able to understand where we should develop. Too often in the retrospective, it drifts to superficial talk about substance issues, even though its real value is based on the fact that we get to dig deep into patterns of action and interaction. Only by changing our operations can we influence what we achieve together.

As a house specializing in agile, we have led hundreds of retrospectives in a variety of operating environments, teams, and projects. By utilizing our retro workshop, you will also learn how to have better retrospectives independently.

In this workshop, you will

  • recap the basics of a retrospective: why is retro such an integral part of agile work, and what is a good retrospective like?
  • participate in a well-facilitated retrospective, and thus better understand the challenges of a team or unit
  • learn to facilitate a functional retrospective yourself

Facilitation and Remote Facilitation

Do you generally need help, tips, and tools for better facilitation and remote facilitation, or for targeted activities in a challenging hybrid work environment where some things are done remotely and some on-site? We have the most experienced facilitators in the industry to support you on your journey.

Check out the following, for example:


Remote Faciliation and Training

Training for leading hybrid work and remote facilitation

Facilitation training

Enhancing Sales Workshop

Agile methods are not just a matter of software development – you can also use them successfully in sales. You can get started with our workshops that address your specific challenges through agile sales.

Do you know what works well and supports your goals when it comes to sales? Can you identify what needs to be developed? Retro is one of the most important cornerstones of agile performance and the basis for continuous improvement. Take advantage of our retro workshop and get a new perspective on sales development!

Does your organization use the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) model to implement strategy? Are you confused on how sales goals should be linked to OKR for your entire organization? A workshop will be held to help you define sales goals and key results and manage them starting with your business goals.

Need to sharpen your sales strategy? Utilizing service design methods, we can help you deepen your understanding of your customers by defining different customer profiles and thinking about a go-to market strategy for each customer profile. We also polish your value proposition for different customer groups.

What kind of workshop would best support the success of your team, management, or unit? If you can’t find the right one here, get in touch and book a workshop made just for you.

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