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Design Sprint -workshop

In a week, the work of months? Design Sprint makes it possible! It brings together the necessary people and enables fast validation. Without the time and effort-consuming product building.

Are you starting a new product or service development project? With Design Sprint, you can clarify the business opportunity, create a concept that meets customer needs, and validate it with users in just one week.

Design Sprint is an efficient workshop method for product development and service design, originally developed by Google Ventures. It condenses months of work into five days and aligns the team towards shared goals. Over the course of five intensive days, a multi-disciplinary team generates numerous ideas, refines the best ideas into a prototype, and finally validates it with test users.

This workshop is conducted in collaboration with our partner Alpha Design Partners. Their experienced service designers have decades of experience in leading and implementing design work into all aspects of the organization. The workshop is facilitated by an experienced service designer/product designer, ensuring your success in Design Sprint.

If committing the necessary personnel for a week seems challenging, the workshop can also be split into multiple days.

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