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Do you feel like there are not enough hours in a day? You are trying to get a thousand things done, but nothing is ever finished?

Do you want to make a change? We are living in a world where constant rush and being endlessly connected through tens of channels are modifying our lives more than ever. The fine line between work and free time is getting vaguer and many of us are constantly fighting against fatigue.

The Agile Me Training provides concrete methods for these challenges. This training is suitable for you if you wish to become better at controlling your own life and organising your days in a new way. Learn to apply agile methodologies to your own life and organise your tasks in a better way at work and in your free time.


  • Leading yourself
  • Focus and prioritisation
  • From putting out fires to planning your time
  • Roles: Product Owner, Developer and Coach
  • Weekly review and planning – celebration and selection
  • Daily meeting
  • How to get started (step-by-step instructions)

Who is this training suitable for?

You. Everybody who wants to move from multitasking and putting out fires to more planned and controlled work or free time. This training also suits you if you wish to understand how agile teams work, but have no possibility of working in a team.

About the training

The duration of the training is approximately 1,5h (as a webinar 1h). The training is held in Google Meet as a remote training.

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