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The Fundamentals of Kanban

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Do you want to learn effective practices for managing your team, organization, and your own work? Are you interested in making jobs and tasks transparent? Kanban, developed by Toyota, is used as a popular method in application development, for example. However, the method can be used for all kinds of development and work from small exercises to large projects.

This method, originally developed by Toyota, optimizes flow and focuses on continuous improvement and learning. The work is made visible by visualizing it on a Kanban board. Efficiency can also be optimized and bottlenecks avoided, for example by limiting the number of tasks to be performed.


  • The history and principles of Kanban
  • Visualising work using the Kanban board
  • Flow and value flow management
  • Limiting ongoing tasks
  • Setting the rhythm of work
  • Continuous learning and improvement

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is suitable for everyone! Our training has been attended by business leaders, project managers, Scrum Masters and many others who are interested in working efficiently and sensibly.

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