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Our Reference Stories

Each one of our experts has a wide track record of successful transformations in varying circumstances, and we give a full satisfaction guarantee for our work.

The best reward for our work is to see happy customers working with efficient and fit agile practices in the culture of continuous improvement. In other words, we have succeeded when we have made even ourselves unnecessary, and trained new independent agile experts. Our customers have valued our principles to smoothly combine strategic thinking with hand son hard work, and lead with an example instead of slideshows.

Each one of our experts has a wide track record of successful transformations in varying circumstances, and we give a full satisfaction guarantee for our work. We ensure that our clients succeed in their flagship projects, changes in operating models and business agility.

We develop our own and our customers’ ability to adapt to changing needs. We improve the responsiveness and accuracy of your business by taking into account your specific needs and leveraging all the expertise and tools we already have.

You can call it transformation, but we like to call it simplification. Let’s make your transformation smarter together.

Here are some reference stories:

Combining Telia’s and MTV’s Telco and Media Experts Into a Top Agile Team

Taskmill’s expert was called in to help combine the most important products and elements of the telecom operator and the TV house into an agility team, and to quickly launch a new joint product. “The strict focus was on doing less, more systematically, and with better quality, while improving internal operating models, decision-making models, and communication. However, the most important thing was how we progressed to customer use”, our client recalls.

World’s Largest Media Agency Group Has an Agile Heart

GroupM is the world’s largest media agency group, striving for continuous improvement and transparency in all its operations – including internally. Thus, its industry’s leading company turned to Taskmill when it was time to develop internal practices to meet the demands of the future. 

Building a Success Story with Pop Pankki

Our Agile Experts lead the most critical transformation projects for our client Pop Pankki in the banking industry, simplifying and speeding up both the daily operations and strategic efforts. Together with the representatives of POP Pankki, our experts have designed efficient methods and ways of working while taking into account the conditions and special features of the projects.

Transforming the Health Care Industry

We took the learnings of agile change to a new industry, and transformed the operations of our client Savoa Partners with agile frameworks familiar from software development. We designed Savoa’s own agile model, which will both implement a major change in health center operations and take Savoa’s internal projects past the finish line. We were also able to work together to help modify healthcare operations to meet the criteria that has radically changed with the pandemic.

Landis + Gyr to enter into partnership with Taskmill – with the mission of better energy management through agile product development

Landis + Gyr wanted to streamline its world-class product development by scaling agile methods using the SAFe framework. In order to get the first Agile Release Train up and running efficiently and in a controlled manner, Landis + Gyr asked for Taskmill’s help.

Ramping Up the Agile Change at SSA Digi

We are helping SSA Digi on their transofrmation journey to become an agile modern organization with Scrum and other practices. We have trained the product development organization with a personalized plan using modular Scrum, Scrum Master and PO trainings. “Wow, this was not only a training, but we also got solutions to the problems our product development is facing, thanks to great discussions!” one of the participants said after the first module.

Accelerators of Digital Transformation for SMEs

We designed and facilitated digital transformation workshops for SMEs for the top project of the LAB & LUT university community. The workshop, which was carried out entirely remotely, was a success, and the university community’s digiUP project will utilise it independently in the future. “In addition to professionalism, your company exudes caring, unwavering work ethic and positivity! Our customers were also happy with how much they got out of the workshop,” our client’s project manager says.

Coaching Agility for the Tradenomit Community

We tailored an agile training program for the Tradenomit community that included both personal agility and specifics of how agile methods can be utilised in business. “Our decision to collaborate with Taskmill was not influenced by just one thing, but by all factors. Our demand and the service Taskmill offers met, the price was competitive and our communication worked. There were no challenges and that is exactly how it should be!” our client recalls.

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