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Remote Facilitation and Training

Professionally designed and managed remote facilitation is the key to business continuity without disruptions, even during exceptional circumstances.

Although agile methods were originally based specifically on face-to-face conversation, in the current situation, the trend is remote work and remote facilitation.

Taskmill’s facilitators are also the best in the field of agile when it comes to remote facilitation. We have been coaching and supporting decentralized teams and multi-location organizations for years.

Due to the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus, we harnessed our strength to help Finnish organizations switch to remote work so that work could continue to be as efficient as before while ensuring that employees and teams do well remotely.

The Best Practices of Remote Facilitation

  • Leading and managing a virtual organization
  • The best tools and methods in remote facilitation
    • Jira, Trello, Jamboard, Miro, Mural, Zoom, Teams and more
    • Engaging exercises and work
  • Means of motivation and maintaining team spirit
  • The best practices for remote work: rules for remote meetings, time-boxing work etc.

Remote Training

Coaching according to the customer’s needs at the individual / management team / team leader level.

  • Leading a decentralized organization
  • Crisis management
  • Self-management
  • Digital transformation

Facilitation of Remote Agile Events and Ceremonies

  • Coaching sessions for teams
  • Facilitating a Daily and Sprint Planning remotely
  • Implementing a Sprint Review remotely
  • The best practices and tools for a remote Retrospective

Facilitation of SAFe’s PI Planning

  • Preparation for remote PI Planning
    • Tool selection and configuration
    • Training of key personnel (Scrum Masters, POs, RTE, etc.)
    • Team organization planning: interaction inside the team and team-to-team
    • Supervised Pre-PI planning
  • Creating an agenda for remote PI Planning
    • Planning, scheduling and organizing remote meetings related to PI Planning
    • Practical arrangement: e.g. facilitation and breaks of remote meetings
  • Facilitation of virtual PI Planning
  • Planning and facilitating Inspect & Adapt ceremonies

Why Taskmill


Agile is our core service

We don’t sell a lukewarm service while riding on the agile wave. This has been at the forefront of our expertise from the beginning.


We implement change in plain language

We won’t just present slideshows from the ivory tower. We facilitate a change that you can feel and see.


Our wide-ranging experts

With +10 years of experience, each of us seamlessly combines operational and strategic expertise.

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