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Are you a senior-level agile leadership expert and want to work with like-minded experts? Or are you an energetic person who wants to learn from the best in the industry? Feel free to contact us!

Looking for an agile place to work? Join us – we need more top people like us!

We are constantly looking for new Agile Leadership Consultant who have worked in various agile roles (Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Owner, Agile PM) and/or led agile transformation projects. You can be a fullstack expert in agility (you work from individual to executive at all levels) or an expert in a specific role.

You can send us a message or a free-form application or ping Elina or Jutta on LinkedIn.

We offer a truly agile workplace where we act as we teach. We don’t have useless hierarchy and we operate openly in all areas. We have a passionate community of professionals! If someone is thinking about something that has to do with their own work, someone else is always available to offer sparring help.

The full agile tool kit

We don’t just offer one particular agile frame of reference. Instead, we always strive to provide our customers with the best solution for them – which also means adapting the model that works best for them. Instead of one hammer, we have the entire tool kit! We won’t just give you advice from the ivory tower. Instead, we facilitate change using the power of hands-on examples.

At Taskmill, agility is a matter of the heart and this is also reflected in sales. We make sales agilely and take into account the wishes of our employees for the next project.

Take a closer look at why you should become a Taskmillian below!

Become out partner in agility

Do you do gigs through your own company as a freelancer?

Through us you will find interesting gigs and we can agree on a lead fee or alternatively a very reasonable percentage of your billing. With us, you know what the customer will be billed for your work and we will pay your bill regardless of the end customer’s payment.

As a freelancer, you’re truly part of our team in the same way that our own employees are, instead of us just offering you Christmas lunch once a year (even though that’s offered too)!

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Jutta Glad

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Agile Sales Lead, Customer Experience

Iiro Piippo

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