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OKR-workshop and training

When implemented properly, the OKR model can be the practical and easy trick to integrate strategy into everyday work life and build trust.

What is the OKR-model?

OKR, which stands for Objectives and Key Results, is a popular and effective strategy deployment model. Many successful companies such as Google and Netflix use it. Check out this “OKR in 30 Minutes” video.

Our practical OKR workshops are standardized in the right way with good examples and exercises, while also tailored to fit you like a bespoke suit.

What’s left?

After the training and workshop:

  • You will master the key concepts and principles related to the OKR framework.
  • You will identify what needs to be in place to start OKR-based strategic management.
  • You will be able to create objectives, key results, and tasks.
  • You will know how to set metrics and track results.

The structure of the workshop

  • Part 1: The OKR model, what it is and what it is not (training, 1-2 hours)
  • Part 2: Applying OKR theory in practice (workshop)
  • Part 3: Formulating the first OKR objectives and key results (workshop)
  • Part 4: Monitoring OKR results and conducting functional retrospectives (workshop)

You can also order Part 1 training separately if you want to assess whether the OKR model is suitable for your needs.

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