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The Complete Guide to PI-planning/Big Room Planning


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Don’t throw money out the window – make the most out of program level planning. This training will provide you with a complete guide to facilitating planning. You will be introduced to several new ideas on how to improve planning events time and time again.

Scaled agile methods use program level planning about four times a year. This planning can be called big room planning, PI planning or quarterly planning.

For this training, we’ve put together all the best tips for facilitating a successful design event; you will be introduced to the personal experiences of experienced facilitators spiced up with tips from around the world. We will cover the things to consider when planning is held in one room, the teams are in their own locations, or everyone participates remotely.


  • The importance of big room planning
  • Preparing for big room planning
  • Tools
  • Facilitating planning
  • Ingredients of success
  • Typical problem situations

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is suitable for RTE, Tribe Leads and others who facilitate large planning events. This training is also useful for Scrum Masters who aim to become RTEs.


After participating in this training, the participants will

  • know how to prepare for planning
  • have example schedules for planning
  • have the tools to facilitate successful planning events
  • be able to come up with solutions to typical problem situations
  • learn what effective remote facilitation looks like

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