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Taskmill Oy
Konepajankatu 1
00510 Helsinki

    Taskmill was created with an ambitious but practical dream to make companies more agile, efficient, and simply rational. At the same time, the Co-Founders Elina Kervinen and Jutta Glad wanted to create a workplace, where the most talented experts of the industry really enjoy their work, and therefore, rise and shine in all their efforts for you as a client.

    Jutta, Elina, and all our selected people are accommodated agile leaders and specialists, who know from their own experience how to motivate people and increase the feelings meaningfulness and efficiency of the results. As we say it- it’s from The People, for The People.

    For you as a customer, we have not only a dream, but a plan. First we dream it, then we build it, and then we optimize it together with you. We also think that sharing is caring. Therefore, our aim is to “train ourselves out”. Rather sooner than later, you’ll be an experienced agile leader yourself, and you’ll cope without us. We also give a satisfaction guarantee for all our services, so don’t hesitate to try how we can change the world together.

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