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Agile Change for Management Workshop Series

A concrete start to agile change for the management team. We’ll highlight the benefits of agility to your organization and find areas for improvement to help bring about change. You will also learn to enrich your management team work with agile methods.

Change or Die – why spend time on this?

When agile first become established in IT, organizations that were unable to change gradually died from the market. Today, agile is really the only vital way to do product development in the IT industry. However, a new, even broader transformation of practices is already well under way. Agile principles are general, operation-enhancing doctrines that can be applied to other areas of the organization, from marketing and sales to HR and senior management’s strategy planning. Agile methods are useful regardless of your industry.

After leading numerous agile change projects and transformations, we know how to help the management team find the right benefits of agility specific to your organization. With agile methods, we also take the work of the management team to a new level. The journey to agile work is successful and the benefits are realized when the change starts with a committed management.

Select the scope based on your needs

Our Agile Change for Management workshops are arranged according to the agile model in suitably sized modules. Select the scope according to your needs! We can either first focus on increasing the management team’s own understanding of agile and taking management work to a new level, or start working on the basis of agile change for the entire organization.

Principles of Agile for Management

Duration: 3 hours

  • The aim is to build a general understanding of agile for the management team regardless of background information
  • Key concepts of agile
  • Values and principles of agile
  • A common understanding of the benefits of agile, e.g. using case examples

Management Team Retrospective

Duration: 3 hours

  • Together, we learn what works in an organization (or management team) and what doesn’t
  • We identify and group together preliminary change and development targets based on the findings
  • Members of the management team learn to utilize retro in their own units

Goals and Strategy for Agile Change

Duration: 3 hours

  • We go through the change initiatives, epics, that have been identified in the retrospective
  • We look at the organization’s strategy and vision, as well as the agile means to support these
  • Together, we clarify the most important goals of agile change for the organization
  • We define the means and ways to initiate change, taking into account the specific characteristics of the organization and units

Change Backlog and Its Creation

Duration: 3 hours

  • We will create a change backlog for your organization
  • We prioritize (or part of, depending on the extent) the issues of development and change that have risen from the retrospective
  • We split up initatives into concrete tasks
  • We agree on further steps and responsibilities to make agile change a reality
  • Management team members learn to prioritize and utilize backlog and Kanban in their own work

What kind of topics do we deal with?

rom a management perspective, we delve into the big picture of what agile change management really is, and what kind of transformation management has faced. We illustrate how agility can benefit your organization. With a retrospective, we identify areas of development in the management team’s or the entire organization’s work and create a concrete prioritised backlog for agile change in your organization. Our workshops are the right combination of theory and concrete examples, as well as the ways to successfully bring about change.

Agile Strategy ® is our concept that allows you to implement strategy work with agility. We’ll give you the tools for modern strategy work that will help you respond quickly to change and put your strategy into action at the operational level.

Agility is the only way your organization can respond to a changing environment. Agile change starts with the management team.

Said about us

“When COVID-19 struck, we had to react quickly to the situation and adjust our operating model immediately. Fortunately, we already had a highly functional, agile model created with Taskmill.”

Savoa Partners CEO, Risto Mäkinen

“Both communication and job transparency clearly improved as we began to master the different agile tools and methods.”

Pop-Pankki Program Director, Juha Hallikas

“In addition to professionalism, your company exudes caring, unwavering work ethic and positivity! Our customers were also happy about how much they got out of the workshop. ”

Senior Lecturer & Coordinator of Education, Sariseelia Sore

What you gain

  1. Understanding the benefits and opportunities of agility in your own organization
  2. Concrete means and tools for modern management and leadership
  3. Perception of the extent and expectations of change
  4. A concrete change backlog and clear recommendations for the future
  5. At its best, refreshing, new ideas for the entire business

Why Taskmill


Agile is our core service

We don’t sell a lukewarm service while riding on the agile wave. This has been at the forefront of our expertise from the beginning.


We implement change in plain language

We won’t just present slideshows from the ivory tower. We facilitate a change that you can feel and see.


Our wide-ranging experts

With +10 years of experience, each of us seamlessly combines operational and strategic expertise.

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