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Leading SAFe

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As a development organization grows, a systematic way of working and a common language are needed. SAFe meets this need. The SAFe model consists of already proven practices, such as Scrum and Lean, and therefore the popularity of SAFe has grown rapidly. SAFe will help you develop your business to agile and come out as a winner in the digital revolution.

In this training, you will gain the skills needed to lead an agile product development organization utilizing Lean, system thinking, and agile product development. You will understand how business agility helps in a competitive market. We will review how team agility and technical agility are built and how development should be organized around value creation.

You will also learn how to support an agile organization in designing and implement ingvalue in 8-12 week cycles and coordinating several product development projects at once. You will explore why customer-centric thinking and design thinking are essential to success. You will also learn to understand how portfolio management in your organization should be approached.

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is suitable for CEOs, Project Managers, Development Managers, Scrum Masters, Consultants, Change Agents, Architects, Release Train Engineesr, Team Leaders, CIOs, Quality Managers and any other roles related to solution development.


  • Lead change to business agility with SAFe (Business Agility)
  • Become a Lean Agile Leader
  • Understand customer needs with design thinking
  • Make agile product development possible
  • Expand to Lean Portfolio Management

After the course, you have 30 days to complete the prestigious SAFe® Agilist (SA) certification online.

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Coach: Raija Harle


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