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Fundamentals of Agile


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Without the capacity for change, an organization will not survive the turmoil of the world. Agility is needed now more than ever before in every person’s thinking, ways of working, and in leading an organization. The introduction of an agile model alone will not bring bliss unless an agile mindset is ingrained in the organisation’s ways of working.

It’s time to change the misconception that agility is only suitable for IT development. After this training, you will be prepared to implement agile methods in your own work environment, regardless of industry. We will review the values and principles of agility as well as the way of thinking. This training includes an hour of personal consultation.

Agile methods are driven by the need to improve the business and deliver a functional product, service or project as early as possible, while continually improving operations during development. When well implemented, agile methods result to better customer and staff satisfaction. In many IT organizations, agile methods have also spread beyond IT development. Organizations have found that agile values and principles can be applied with good results in the various functions of an organization, and that the benefits increase when agile methods are used throughout the value chain. These benefits and positive results can also be achieved through agile methods outside the IT industry, for example in HR, marketing or running the entire business.

This training focuses on the values and principles of agility. Understanding the underlying values and principles will also make it easier to understand how you can apply different tools to your own organization and situation. This training consists of theory, group work and games so that you gain practical tools for everyday use. We will also talk about real-life examples of how agile methods have been utilized outside of IT development.


  • What is Agile?
  • Agile manifesto
  • Focus, prioritisation and slicing work
  • Relentless improvement and early feedback
  • Agile leadership
  • A cross-functional and self managing team
  • Agile frameworks: Scrum,  Kanban, Scaling Agile
  • Agility outside IT – real-life case examples
  • How to get started?
  • How to utilise agility in your own team?

Consulting (1 hour):

After the training, we will arrange an hour of personal coaching during which we will discuss the challenges you, your team or organisation face, and how an agile mindset can help you.

Who is this training suitable for?

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to make the current way of doing things in their team or organization more sensible. This training is also suitable for people who do not yet have experience with agile methods as well as those who have maybe been disappointed by agile models before. The training will give you new ideas and tips on how you can take advantage of agile thinking immediately after the course, whether you are a member of a team or in a leadership position.

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