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Think Design!

Do you want to learn what service design is and how you can use it to plan and produce better service experiences for your customers? This workshop is just for you!

Customer-focused organizations know how to make better products, and therefore succeed more often. At the heart of customer-centricity is service design – that is, that the products and services really meet the customer’s needs. This workshop guides participants to the principles, tools and techniques needed in service design projects. The workshop combines lean, agility and design thinking with a culture of experimentation. In addition, we will teach you how to create value when you combine customer expectations and needs with the organization’s capabilities and strategies!

Who is the workshop suitable for?

The workshop is excellent for, for example, product owners, product managers, business managers, project managers and other key personnel of product and service companies. If you want to learn customer-centric thinking, this workshop is just right for you.

We do not have any prior knowledge requirements.

Workshop structure

We want you to experience service design. That’s why the workshop has less lecturing and more applied group exercises. The following topics will be discussed during the workshop:

  • The benefits of service design for the company and the customer
  • What does the customer’s service experience consist of?
  • Service design, design thinking, lean and agility
  • Principles of service design
  • Value Proposition Definition (tbd)
  • User research methods and tools, qualitative and quantitative
  • Service design toolkit: customer path, service blueprint, empathy map, prototyping, testing
  • The five steps and five days of the Design Sprint
  • Roles and competence in a service design project

The workshop lasts 7 hours in total, but if you wish, we can also split the workshop into two different days. We organize the workshop together with our partner Alpha Design Partners. The facilitator of the workshop is one of their experienced service designers. The workshop can be organized in person or remotely.

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