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5 Reasons to Choose Taskmill

Agile is the word of the day, and the supply is large, to say the least. Why choose us as a strategic transformation partner or as an important part of your agile team? Here are 5 reasons, in plain language:

1. Agile is our only service

We are a consultancy agency that is exclusively focused on agile. We won’t sell you a lukewarm service while riding on the agile way. Instead, this has been at the forefront of our expertise from the beginning, and the justification for our company’s existence.

We have the best agile experts in Finland with tens of years of experience in various projects and work environments. Behind every individual consultant stands a team that has harnessed enormous expertise. We follow our own advice, and spar challenging cases together.

2. The best senior experts in Finland will transfer their skills to you

You will benefit from our vast experience. In addition to implementing agile, our senior staff will spar and coach other team members in agile roles. They effectively facilitate work while teaching new things to your own staff and leading by example. Our goal is to eventually genuinely make ourselves unnecessary at your company.

In addition, our wide-ranging experts will smoothly move from one agile role to another in your organization, as needed if your needs or priorities change. This means that you don’t have to constantly teach new experts stuff about your organization.

3. We will implement a change that suits you, in plain language

We won’t just give you advice from the ivory tower. Instead, we plan and implement actions so that you can really see and feel the change in people’s everyday lives.

We are widely familiar with the different frameworks and roles of agile, so we are not forced to only follow one recipe. Instead, we work with you to design the model that best suits your organization. We believe that a small, impressive change that is done gradually is more valuable than a huge pile of PowerPoint slides.

4. We will improve transparency

Transparency and a people-friendly attitude are at the heart of our culture, and we also abide by this with our customers.

We will also help you avoid vendor lock-ins. If your product development is partially or completely outsourced, you can gain more transparency by choosing a Taskmill expert for the role of Scrum Master or Product Owner, for example.

5. We offer trainings that we ourselves would enjoy

We have the widest selection of agile and leadership trainings in Finland.

Our training is designed with the idea of how we would like to learn ourselves. We don’t want to be just a certificate machine. Instead, we bring genuine joy to learning and we will also teach you how to learn things effectively. We have different levels of trainings, from a beginner’s alphabet of agile to a deep-end dive into agile doing.

Don’t believe it until you see it? No worries! We offer a satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to give it a try, or ask us more.


Contact us and embark on a journey to change

    We structure and accelerate the change your organization needs, keeping you and your stakeholders at the forefront of change. We bring the structure and the necessary additional knowledge to the transformation until, as part of the change, we will all realize that we are no longer needed. A satisfied customer who succeeds without our help is what we aim for.

    76% of companies find it necessary to reinvent how experts and technology are brought together.


    Companies with a common understanding of change are advancing twice as fast with digitalisation.


    Advanced transformations are an effective way to attract the best people to work at your company.

    100 stats on Digital transformation*

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