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Agile change for management -workshop series

A concrete start for agile transformation for the management team. We clarify the benefits of agility for your organization and identify areas for improvement to achieve the change. You will also learn how to enhance your management team collaboration with agile methods.

Change or Die – why would you sacrifice your time for this?

When agile practices first emerged in a big way in the IT industry, organizations that were unable to adapt gradually died off from the market. Nowadays, agile is actually the only vital way to do product development in the IT industry. However, a new, even broader transformation of operating practices is already well underway. Agile principles are common, efficiency-boosting lessons that can be applied in other areas of the organization, ranging from marketing and sales to HR and top management strategy work. The benefits of agile methods can be realized regardless of the industry.

Having led numerous business and agile transformations, we help your leadership team discover the benefits of agility for your specific organization. We also take leadership team collaboration to a new level with agile methods. A successful journey towards agility and the realization of its benefits come when the change starts with a committed leadership.

Choose the scope according to your needs

Our leadership workshops are organized into modules of appropriate size according to the agile model. You can choose the scope based on your change needs. We can initially focus either on increasing the leadership team’s understanding and taking their teamwork to the next level, or on laying the groundwork for an agile transformation throughout the organization.

The ABC of agility for management

Duration: 3 hours

  • Goal is to create a common understanding of agility for the leadership team regardless of their background knowledge.
  • Key concepts of agility.
  • Agile values and principles.
  • A shared understanding of the benefits of agility through case examples.

A retrospective of the management team

Duration: 3 hours

  • Together, we gather insights on what works and what doesn’t work in the organization (or in the leadership team).
  • We identify and group preliminary change initiatives and development areas based on our observations.
  • Members of the leadership team learn how to utilize retrospectives in their own units.

The goals of agile change and strategy

Duration: 3 hours

  • We will go through the change initiatives identified during the retrospective.
  • We will examine the organization’s strategy and vision as well as agile methods to support them.
  • Together, we will clarify the most important goals of the agile transformation for the organization.
  • We will define the means and methods to initiate the change, taking into account the specific characteristics of the organization and its units.

Change-backlog and it’s creation

Duration: 3 hours

  • We create a change backlog for your organization.
  • We prioritize the development and change initiatives identified from the retrospective (or part of it, depending on the scope).
  • We break down the development initiatives into concrete tasks.
  • We agree on the next steps and responsibilities to start the agile transformation in a concrete way.
  • The members of the leadership team learn to prioritize and utilize the backlog and kanban in their own work.

What topics will we cover?

From the management perspective, we delve into what agile change management really is, and what kind of transformation leadership is facing. We illustrate how agility can benefit your organization. Through retrospectives, we identify the development areas of your leadership team or the entire organization, and create a concrete, prioritized backlog for your organization’s agile change. Our workshops are a suitable combination of theory and practicality, as well as means to successfully bring the change to goal.

What’s left?

  1. Understanding the benefits and opportunities of agility in your own organization
  2. Concrete methods and tools for modern leadership and effective executive team collaboration
  3. Understanding the scope and expectations of change
  4. Concrete change backlog and clear recommendations for next steps
  5. At best, refreshing and novel ideas for the entire operation.

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