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Our Experts

Our experts are world class in agile practices and mindset. Behind every pro there is a team of top-notch experts, with only your success in mind. Our people lead by example and grow your people into their roles.

Our Staff

Elina Kervinen

Agile Leadership Consultant & CEO +358405526022

Elina is our CEO and the other Co-Founder of Taskmill, and both an experienced Agile Evangelist and an efficient hands-on Agile Leader. She has more than 15 years of practical and strategic experience in ramping up challenging development projects in varying circumstances. She devotes to finding the best fit agile models to serve you as a customer, and your valuable existing and prospective customers. Elina has a good business acumen, and is often successful in elaborating and crystallizing the meaning of agile change to all organizational levels, including the top management.

Jutta Glad

Agile Leadership Consultant & COO +358 40 540 86 64

Jutta is the other Co-Founder of Taskmill and the company’s COO. Jutta’s practical views about the agile frameworks and their implementation are creating speed and agile culture across the organization. By her nature, Jutta is a combination efficient practical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Jutta is also an agile tool rock star and holds a strong experience in ramping up agile projects and developing agile frameworks.

Iiro Piippo

Sales Lead +358 50 339 77 05

Iiro takes care of our sales and customer experience at Taskmill. So far, Iiro has gathered over 10 years of experience in customer relationship management, and he has a deep passion to really understand your varying needs as a customer. Iiro has a strong understanding on the agile methods, and he is therefore able to easily find the best solution for your organization’s challenges. With Iiro, you can conversate in all English, Finnish, and Swedish based on your choice.

Raija Harle

Agile Leadership Consultant, Head of Training +358 40 747 29 22

Raija has over 20 years of experience in simplifying the operations of large companies. She likes to help companies by coaching and training the employees for change, or by acting in critical agile roles to ensure the success of the project. Raija is also responsible for Taskmill’s own training unit, designing popular and interactive courses and training programs based on variable needs. She is also a rock star facilitator.

Mikko Piiroinen

Agile Leadership Consultant +358 40 342 43 05

Mikko is the dream member of any development team, whether you need an efficient Scrum Master to speed up the team, or a trusted Product Owner to crystalize the targets. Mikko understands the team dynamics well, and gets along smoothly with different team stakeholders from designers to end users and developers. Mikko’s toolbox includes any needed frameworks from Scrum to Kanban and LeSS to SAFe, and the necessary tools from Trello to Jira. Mikko has a previous background as journalist so he is also a fluent content producer.

Timo Ruottinen

Agile Leadership Consultant +358 40 846 80 54

Timo truly has the know-how to implement agile! He started his career hands-on, working with code and architecture. Since then, Timo has worked both as a team coach and supervisor and driven important development goals as a product manager. His solid experience and successes and some coincidences has made Timo a confident do-er who doesn’t crack under pressure, and whose coaching and calm grip makes him a great addition to any team.

Virpi Repo

Agile Leadership Consultant

Virpi has over 20 years of experience in software development, and she lives and breathes agile – both in her spare time and behind the desk! Virpi’s specialty is developing agile operating methods and coaching agile. In her meritorious career, she has also worked as a SAFe coach and RTE, for example, and has driven agile transformations for organizations of various sizes for many years. What makes Virpi unique is that she truly works hands-on, serving the customer exactly as needed.

Hanna Havulinna

Agile Leadership Consultant

Hanna’s toolkit consists of, for example, agile management of IT projects, managing various stakeholders and coaching for agile transformation. Hanna’s superpower is customer focus: she loves analyzing customer needs and making sure the best possible solution is found for any problem! In addition to agile, Hanna is proficient in numerous languages ​​and initially graduated as an Italian docent! Today, however, Hanna prefers to speak the language of agility and meritoriously translate the needs of the business into a form that the development team can understand.

Elina Jolma

Agile Leadership Consultant

Elina’s core competencies are developing new business, product and service management, managing product and development portfolios, and leading development teams. Elina also has in-depth and extensive expertise in managing consulting business and acting as a team lead. She is particularly good at facilitating change, leading people, creating new business models, implementing them, and communicating.

Maija Autti

Agile Leadership Consultant

Maija knows the secrets of software development like the back of her hand! During her career, Maija has, for example, led various projects and small-scale development, developed systems in a multi-supplier environment, and been responsible for testing and quality assurance. With vast experience, Maija is also an agile master – for example, rationalizing operating methods and processes are things Maija is familiar with. Maija has also seen first-hand that agile methods familiar from software development can indeed be applied regardless of industry, for example in finance or trade.

Tomi Korpela

Agile Leadership Consultant

Tomi has more than 25 years of experience in IT development. During his career, he has worked, among other roles, as a hands-on application developer, system expert, technology director and IT architect. During the last few year Tomi’s tasks have been oriented towards the agile world – he has, for example, led development teams to more rational ways of working, acted as a Scrum Master in critical projects, and coordinated the activities of stakeholders. Equipped with many tools, Tomi has learned that the most important thing is to not be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Eduard Kempi

Agile Leadership Consultant

Eduard has diverse international experience in technology consulting, development project management, and business process development. He has held key roles in large corporations and has also run his own technology startup. He has strong expertise in various agile tools such as Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe. Eduard’s strengths lie in his entrepreneurial and solution-oriented attitude, and he greatly enjoys developing customer-focused products and services.

Liisa Holopainen

Administrative Assistant

Liisa works as our part-time administrative assistant. Her job includes assisting in financial and personnel administration tasks, such as monitoring and paying invoices, as well as various organizational and communication tasks. In addition to these, Liisa assists in marketing and sales-related tasks. Full-time, Liisa is studying economic science at LUT University.

Meri Lyytinen

Agile Leadership Consultant

Meri has diverse project experience from various industries such as IT, retail banking, property services, communication, and HR. She has worked as a project manager in internal development tasks as well as in broader projects focused on change communication. Meri has a strongly people-centered and demonstrative approach to her work, and she tackles all challenges with a positive and energetic can-do attitude. Her strengths include an end-user-oriented mindset, and she enjoys collaborating with different stakeholders.

Rasmus Ståhle

Agile Leadership Consultant

Rasmus has worked in software and digital service development for over 20 years in various roles. He has extensive experience coaching, training, and managing teams and organizations in agile methodologies and project execution. Rasmus’ strengths lie in his ability to understand the big picture and the needs of various stakeholders. He has the capability to bring different teams together to work effectively and collaboratively. In his coaching, Rasmus focuses on continuous development, collaboration, and creating value for the customer.

Ville-Veikko Järvilehto

Agile Leadership Consultant

Ville-Veikko has one decade of experience in software and service development as a product owner and Scrum Master, complemented by expertise in music, intellectual property rights, and media industries. He has been involved in many larger and smaller system projects, in addition to always being part of developing the ways of working and processes in work communities. Ville-Veikko’s strengths include coordinating technical details and commercial objectives and acting as a translator between these stakeholders.

Our Partner Trainers

Andreas Björk

Management of Agile Frameworks

Andreas builds strongly performing teams, and value producing companies. He has led various successful transformations, product launches, and critical projects. Andreas is an efficient agile coach and an experienced virtual team leader. He holds the recipes the scale agility outside the IT area and inspire employees to participate the change. Andreas speaks fluent English, Swedish, and Finnish.

Jaakko Koivula

Trainer, PO, Scrum Master

Jaakko is a specialist and advocate of agile methodologies. He is a skilled and experienced product owner and Scrum Master, and also adept at project management. Additionally, Jaakko is highly respected as a trainer, teaching organisations how to use Scrum and agile methodologies. He draws on his extensive experience to provide practical examples to participants.

Jaakko emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining trust in everything he does, as it is the secret ingredient behind success.

Jose Casal

Flight Levels, Training from the Back of the Room

Jose Casal is a business agility consultant & trainer with extensive experience. He is dedicated to helping organisations and individuals embrace modern management concepts including Flow Thinking, Kanban, Flight Levels & Scrum.

Jose is strongly motivated towards continuous learning and research, he is able to help organisations achieve better Agility. His goal is to create thriving and engaged organisations.

Tiina Nevalainen

Senior Consultant / Test Manager

Tiina has extensive and broad experience in software testing and working closely with the customer interface. As a Test Manager in her daily work, she strives to ensure that the customer’s needs are adequately addressed in the implementation. Hands-on experience has taught her the importance of getting the business to understand the significance of testing and making sensible choices for the overall outcome. After Tiina’s training, you will have a better understanding of the choices that need to be made in your project and how to drive testing comprehensively and efficiently forward.

Timo Rongas

Mr. Remote By Nature

Timo has a developer’s background, and has worked with various different types of agile teams in varying agile roles for a long time. Team and organization management is close to Timo’s heart, and he is also a keen innovator of efficient remote work models. Even if, in the optimal situation, the agile team and the whole project work in the same physical space, it is not always possible, and Timo holds the skills to manage dispersed and complex working environments.

Vilja Heikiö

Vilja has 15+ years of UX and service design with companies like Nokia, Etisalat, and latest F-Secure, where also working as a Head of CX. She has successfully utilized design sprints, workshops and customer centric design methods in agile product development environment. She will gently but firmly guide you to the world of service design, and help you solve the right customer problems.

Jussi Lattu

Digital Automation

Jussi is one of Finland’s top experts in modelling automatized processes and developing automation. He has a wide understanding of automatization both from a business and technical perspective and knows the best practices for implementation. Jussi’s super power is increasing understanding between the business and tech units, and helping people define common goals and achieve them.

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