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The Fundamentals of Lean

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    Do you have the opportunity to participate in the development of your own work, or are “improvements” derived from the ivory tower? Lean is the mindset and management philosophy behind all agile methods. People and solutions are at the center of Lean. A participatory and problem-solving culture helps build a smooth customer experience. The goal is to produce the best possible value for people and society, in a sustainable way.

    Lean is evident in all agile methods and the Lean process has been adopted in many industries. Eliminating unnecessary tasks also improves job satisfaction and speeds things up. This method also complements for example Scrum or Kanban well.


    • The Fundamentals of Lean
    • What is value?
    • Generative culture
    • Flow and quality, one-piece-flow
    • Innovation
    • Continuous improvement
    • Sources of waste

    Who is this training suitable for?

    The training is suitable for anyone interested in more sensible ways of working.

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