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Simplifying Things is the Key to Success

Can your organization respond to changing circumstances? Does it feel like you are currently delivering full value to your customer? We help you implement a change in operating models and practices that will help you deliver services and products to your customers in a high quality and efficient manner.

The world is full of complex models and frameworks that promise to create unicorns. We think the next big thing is a return to the basics.

Järkevöittäminen® translates as simplification or rationalization. Instead of swearing by a particular framework, we know that the best products and services are produced with a sensible and simple-to-do model that takes into account the specifics of your organization.

Agile methods are mostly used in application development. These methods help you respond more quickly to a changing environment, speed up turnaround time, and improve quality and customer satisfaction. We have also successfully exported these methods to completely new industries. Whether it’s building a house or healthcare, agile methods with familiar practices deliver foolproof results.

We’ve formed packages out of the best practices to help you get the most out of your organization’s business.

Take the Fast Lane to a More Sensible Way of Doing

Among others, the following services are part of our Simplification concept:

Identifying and targeting pitfalls

  • We effectively map out your organisation’s situation and identify the pitfalls that hinder business.
  • Together with you, we select the essential targets for simplification, and by using them as a basis, we put the most important things in order.

Take the fast lane to sensible change

  • In a half-day workshop, we split the tasks related to change into easily manageable pieces.
  • The change is implemented in one or several sprints, each with a specific, measurable goal.

Constantly towards a more sensible way of doing

  • Big change requires a comprehensive way of doing and a partner to walk by your side. We are your support on the road to sensible doing, and we strive to ensure that you can work without our support in the future.
  • We consistently scale, improve, and pilot new ways of working for you.

Big Room Planning is a great way to learn together and implement new ways of working. We also tailor the learning path to support the change in your organization.

The Benefits of Simplification

Our clients have achieved the following benefits that have radically accelerated business through Simplification:

  • Rapid responsiveness to changing customer needs and competitors’ actions
  • Accelerated lead time for projects and reforms regardless of industry and product
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved quality of products and services
  • Improved employee satisfaction and committed employees

A Client Example of Simplification

Cleaning Service
We started by interviewing key people in the healthcare company to identify the pitfalls that slowed operations. There was room for improvement, e.g. how to effectively train new employees, as well as how to start customer projects faster.

By targeting these pitfalls, we created roles based on work pairs to get new employees quickly acquainted with their tasks but still in-depth. In addition we created a toolkit to help industry experts get customer projects launched faster.

Fast Lane
We assembled a small team of company executives to drive change. With this team, we organised a workshop for planning where we prioritised tasks together based on thematic areas. Together, we designed a new project management model and implemented it, and we presented independent project portfolio management and maintenance to the customer with the future in mind.

Uniform practices and the tools that support them were successfully and effectively implemented. The implementation of the change was done with agility in three two-week cycles.

Constantly towards a more sensible way of doing
With the help of our agile project management model, our customer’s development projects were completed with high quality. Then COVID-19 hit!

As the ability to change was already an integral part of the model, we were able to adapt our operations together with the client so that a complete change in operating methods could be implemented in the health centers within a week. Nearly all doctors and nurses instantly switched to treating patients remotely.

We also found bottlenecks and targeted them, which made the remote service grow as demand grew. Together with the client, we made work transparent and communication fast.

Training and Facilitation
We designed and implemented a training program suitable for the customer, which enabled the company’s own experts to assume their roles and responsibilities in accordance with the new operating model. The training consisted of effective modules that were adapted to the employees’ schedules.

We facilitated a series of collaborative Big Room Workshops for our client, where the new operating model, tools and roles were reviewed with practical examples. Big Room Workshops with demonstrations and exercises were also successfully conducted remotely.

Why Taskmill


Agile is our core service

We don’t sell a lukewarm service while riding on the agile wave. This has been at the forefront of our expertise from the beginning.


We implement change in plain language

We won’t just present slideshows from the ivory tower. We facilitate a change that you can feel and see.


Our wide-ranging experts

With +10 years of experience, each of us seamlessly combines operational and strategic expertise.

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