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Update Your Strategy Work for the Future

Is your strategy work stuck in the past? The strategy should be a heart and spirit that predicts and guides action, and not a pre-Christmas exercise. Link the routines to strategy and win your staff over.

Why agile strategy, out of all things?

Strategy work has often evolved at a slow pace, even though efforts are already being made to manage the operational world according to agile models while responding to results and the changes of the world. If you still only think about strategy in Q4 and only update it once a year, you can make a significant impact by experimenting with agile strategy work with us.

However, a bigger agile transformation is already underway. Transition with us from the old world to strategy work that changes based on your customers and staff on a quarterly basis. Meet the needs of tomorrow, not yesterday.

This is how it’s done

  1. Forming a strategy

    Let’s ensure together that the vision and mission are understandable. Set focus areas and strategic goals for the next iteration period, such as the next quarter, in management team and key personnel workshops. A product owner is assigned to each goal. Strategic goals are linked to concrete measures and are reflected in routines that are part of your company’s ongoing work.
  2. Implementation, monitoring and measurement of the strategic period

    Each concrete goal is broken down into key results that follow the OKR model, with the help of the management team’s product owner.

    In addition to performance indicators, lead indicators are set for the future: with that questions and numbers can we predict success instead of looking back into the past? Strategic metrics are linked to staff performance targets, with the help of HR managers.
  3. Retrospective of strategy work and adaptation of strategy

    The importance of this step cannot be overemphasized. Preparations for the retro are made by ensuring that the realizations of the set lead and result indicators are clear and accessible and understood by all. Qualitative feedback and NPS is collected from customers and end users as well as staff.

    In the retrospective, we’ll go through the results carefully and focus on the discussion of HOW these results were realized. By analysing how instead of what, we can influence the results of our operations more effectively in the future.

What is agile strategy like?

Functional and traceable

The goal, results and metrics should be clearly defined to make the goal more approachable and achievable.

Realistic but inspiring

Strategic goals must be achievable, but on the other hand ambitious enough to drive innovation.

Significant and inclusive

A strategy needs to be formed in basic language so that it is understood and becomes a matter owned by the entire organization.

What are you left with?

For example, organizations that have moved to agile strategy work have reported the following core results:

  1. Faster responsiveness and competitiveness
  2. Increased staff satisfaction, persistence and trust in management
  3. Less silo mentality and unified goals across the board

What trends or signs suggest that we will succeed tomorrow?

Said about us

“The most important thing, though, was
how we proceeded with customer use. Led by Lasse, we visualized the goal and route from that moment to the first customer test and finally the launch.”

Telia IT Business Manager, Jani Heinola
“Both communication and job transparency clearly improved as we began to master the different agile tools and methods.”

Pop-Pankki Program Director, Juha Hallikas

“From a huge list of requirements, we have been able to focus on the functionalities that bring the most benefits to our customers.”

SSA Digi CEO, Mauricio Martinez

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