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Agile Transformation Path

Do you want a smoother everyday life? Our Agile Transformation Path is suitable for all industries and areas of responsibility, from product development to design, from HR to marketing, and to the company’s top management.

Learn how to use agile operating models in new industries and departments in a goal-orientated way, while taking into account your company’s strategy. At the same time, simply make work nicer and smoother for everyone. Satisfied employees, combined with the speed and purposefulness of doing things, give you a competitive edge in any market.

We are an expert agency specialising exclusively in agile models. We don’t fumble about with this and that. Instead agile transformation is our core service, and we give it a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each of us has years of experience utilizing agile practices in a variety of challenging environments. Based on this experience, we have designed an Agile Transformation Path. We apply agile methods frequented in software development, regardless of industry or area of responsibility, taking into account the your organisation’s specific needs.

Embark On a Path of Transformation With Us

  1. Initial mapping
    We evaluate the current state of doing in relation to your organisation’s goals and the market. We interview key personnel and observe current decision models and routines.
  2. We plan the model of change and the different key roles in your company
    By combining the best agile frameworks (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, Less, SAFe), we create an agile frame of reference that fits your company’s future goals and culture. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right people nominated for key roles, and if needed, we will suggest a suitable expert from Taskmill to take on a role. In addition to working hands-on, Taskmill’s experienced experts can support junior-level specialists in their roles.
  3. We implement and optimise
    During the 6-week power start, our Agile Coach and other trainers will help your key people in implementing new ways of working through participatory training and new agile practices and tools. On this transformation path, we will also constantly ensure that you have the right analytics and validation models in place to measure results for both staff and customers. In the future, you’ll know exactly where your organisation stands!
  4. We will continue to support you in the background
    Our Agile Coaches support your teams in the background, for example in weekly meetings, until your teams are perfectly fine without them. Our goal is to train you and your team to become independent and autonomous agile experts, making us unnecessary in the end.

We Act As We Teach

At Taskmill, we work hands-on on your team instead of just telling you what to do. We accelerate and bring structure to the change you need, keeping you and your stakeholders at the forefront of change. In addition to our work, we constantly train our company’s internal experts for various roles and agile ways of working and facilitate and teach facilitation. We form a clear framework and routines to support the change, and bring the necessary additional expertise to the team until, as part of the change, we realise we are no longer needed. Our goal is a satisfied customer who has learnt how to be an agile expert.

Is This Suitable For You?

Whether you are completely new to agile practices, or further optimising your organisation’s agile models, we will help you have a more productive and truly comfortable everyday working life. Our transformation path is suited for all industries and areas of responsibility, from product development to sales and design, from HR to marketing, and the company’s top management.

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    Why Taskmill


    Agile is our core service

    We don’t sell a lukewarm service while riding on the agile wave. This has been at the forefront of our expertise from the beginning.


    We implement change in plain language

    We won’t just present slideshows from the ivory tower. We facilitate a change that you can feel and see.


    Our wide-ranging experts

    With +10 years of experience, each of us seamlessly combines operational and strategic expertise.

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