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Landis+Gyr to enter into partnership with Taskmill – with the mission of better energy management through agile product development

Landis+Gyr  shares a vision with network companies and end users: better energy management. For network companies, this means streamlining operations, cost savings and better customer experience. What is important for consumers is energy efficiency, savings in energy bills and more efficient management of their own consumption.

Taskmill’s expert Raija Harle first arranged a tailor-made training for the client’s staff, titled “Secrets of PI Planning for the participants”. This training demonstrated and teached how participants have to prepare for Program Increment Planning, what happens in PI Planning and what the goals of the event are.

Landis+Gyr’s first PI Planning

The Pre PI planning, preparations and facilitation of the first PI Planning took place completely remotely for the 11-team Agile Release train. Taskmill’s expert also served in the role of a Release Train Engineer in the first PI Planning. The tools for the remote event were Landis+Gyr’s Teams, Teams’ breakout rooms and the Storm Board, which was used to visualize each team’s own plan as well as the Program Board with its dependencies.

A total of 11 teams from Finland, India, Romania and the Czech Republic participated in PI Planning. After the planning was wrapped up, and it was time for the closing speech, one team member commented, “Don’t cry Raija.” Taskmill’s Raija had been sensitized for a reason, as she was delighted by how open-mindedly and energetically the teams threw themselves into planning in a whole new way. Indeed, the teams gave excellent feedback on how working with the new methods helps to manage risks and problems. The teams also felt they were now more involved in decision-making.

“The first PI Planning was a success both as an event and in terms of successful and realistic  planning. We got to the 80-100% realization range of what we predicted. We have noticed that working is now more efficient and productive with new methods,” Landis+Gyr’s Head of EMEA SW R&D Petri Marttinen thanks.

Taskmill is still supporting Landis+Gyr in the role of RTE until the company’s own leaders are ready to put on the train driver’s hat.

With industry-leading products and solutions, Landis+Gyr’s mission is to work together to create a smarter network that benefits us all.

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