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Istekki’s Journey Towards Agile Ways of Working

Istekki, which focuses on information and technology services for health and well-being, is a growing and developing organization, with more than 900 experts at its core. At the top of its field, Istekki develops well-being services for tomorrow’s working life. In particular, the development of information management solutions and integration services has grown, and Istekki is also increasingly investing in agile methods.

Customized coaching was the solution for Istekki

Istekki was by no means starting from scratch: they already had their own model for development. However, more transparency and efficiency were needed, so that agile ways of working could become an ever closer part of everyday work. They also wanted to learn how to break down tasks into parts that can be completed more efficiently and thus speed up the lead time.

Taskmill’s trainers tailored the modular training of agile methods to serve Istekki’s needs. The goal of the trainings was to give key personnel the skills to act in the roles of both Product Owner and Scrum Master. Participatory methods were used in the trainings, so that it was easy to put the lessons into practice. “Thanks to the modules, it’s easy to concentrate on the training and you get the most out of it, so that you have time to try out the new ideas in your own work before the next module! In addition, the trainings always leave room for discussions and mirroring the situation to one’s own organization – this is the key to adopting agile methods,” says our trainer Maija Särkijärvi.

Bringing efficiency to agile methods one module at a time

In order for Istekki’s key employees to really get the most out of the training, our experts first organized a joint module where they were introduced to the basics of agile. After this, separate trainings were organized for the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles. The modules were also designed with Istekki’s experts, and finally the feedback received from the trainings was analyzed in a joint event so that development proposals could be clarified. “Nicely structured training day, nice trainers who know their stuff. The Scrum simulation at the end was good and got us thinking”, one participant commented. Participants were also satisfied with the structure of the trainings: “A good concise training set. It was really good that you took breaks into account, because they are often forgotten. The breaks helped keep me concentrated throughout the afternoon.”

Thanks to the training series, Istekki now has even better skills for agile work, and its own experts can start developing operating methods to be more transparent and efficient, and implement agile methods in the organization.

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