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Coaching Agility for the Tradenomit trade union

A Growing Need to Simplify Ways of Working

Tradenomit is a community and a trade union of more than 30,000 members that promotes the success and development of their members’ careers and contributes to a better working life. The association offers its members the opportunity to develop their skills extensively and to network with experts in various fields.

In addition to concrete solutions, Tradenomit want to raise issues that stimulate discussion and promote a new way of thinking. One of the main themes of the past year has been well-being, self-management, agile development and remote working.

“After work has moved from the office to home, managing and organising one’s own work has become everyone’s own responsibility. The need for rational and sensible working methods has grown even more, and together with Taskmill, we started to tailor individualised training to meet this need”, says Jori Karjalainen, Development Manager at Tradenomit.

The Content Was Tailored to the Needs of Tradenomit

Together with Tradenomit, we set out to build a solution that best served their needs, by combining Taskmill’s Fundamentals of Agile and Agile Me trainings. The trainings introduced the values and principles of agile through theory, group work and games, and we also revised concrete methods and practical tips to be applied to everyday life, both at work and in free time.

I started looking at my work from a different perspective – what an interesting training!

Participant feedback

With Taskmill, several pieces fell into place Jori Karjalainen recalls: “Our decision to collaborate with Taskmill was not influenced by just one thing, but by all factors. Our demand and the service Taskmill offers met, the price was competitive and our communication worked. There were no challenges and that is exactly how it should be!” 

Active Participation Makes Up for at Least Half of the Value of the Training

We knew in advance that Taskmill’s trainings would spark a lot of interest and discussion due to their topicality, but the reality exceeded all of our expectations. “We had a lot of participants, which is noteworthy because there are a lot of competing offers. It was clear that the topic was interesting”, Jori says.

The active participation of all participants was also exceptional. It is not always easy to activate participants (especially remotely) and often even experienced coaches end up holding in lecture-like trainings, without active interaction, leaving a large part of the benefits of the training unrealized.

Taskmill’s training was something else, says Jori Karjalainen: “Participants were exceptionally involved, chatted, shared reading tips, networked, discussed the topic and shared experiences on ways of working at their own workplaces”.

Many thanks to Raija for this training! Often, trainings are just a lot of talk, but this training also provided us with tips to put in practice. More of these! 🙂

Participant feedback

Taskmill’s coach Raija Harle‘s solid skills and presentation garnered extensive positive feedback: “Raija’s presence was instant and prompt. She was easily approachable, which made participants more active. These trainings were clearly at the forefront when it comes to interactiveness. It is quite remarkable, because it makes up for at least 50% of the value that the participant gets from the training”, says Jori Karjalainen.

Concrete Tips for Everyday Life

Judging from the participants’ comments, the agile methods were very well received and were found to be of concrete benefit to the development of both the participants’ own and their organisation’s operations. A feedback survey conducted after the training shows that 90.3% of the respondents would recommend the training to their colleague and 96.8% of the respondents gave a grade of 4 or 5 for the training (scale 1–5).

I’m going to give my team a presentation on agility and I hope it inspires us all to adopt new ways of working and a new way of thinking.

Participant feedback

The feedback also highlighted the enthusiasm to share the information learned and a strong will to move forward in one’s own organisation.

This is also confirmed by Jori Karjalainen: “We (Tradenomit) have also started to look at our own work culture, processes and ways of working in a new way. It is gratifying to discuss these issues within the work community and I believe that when some people start thinking about modifying their own ways of working, there will be a snowball effect – the organization, noticing the benefits, will want to join.”

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