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Mirka’s intelligent sanders tell the user about their work methods

Mirka Oy offers world-class solutions for surface treatment and precision sanding. The company’s selection includes sanding tools and polishing equipment as well as other ingeniously designed machines. Mirka is a company that, during its 80-year history, has always strived to operate in a broad area and to find new perspectives in its business. Several experts from Taskmill have been involved in helping Mirka in the field of innovative projects and agile working.

Taskmill’s experts have led, for example, the MyMirka application implementation project and the website renewal project. The innovative purpose of MyMirka is to offer users of sanding tools an even better customer experience: the application can be used to establish a bluetooth connection to the sander and with the help of data the user gets reliable information, e.g. about how much they have been exposed to vibration. In addition, the application tells, for example, the remaining duration of the battery. The application can significantly prevent occupational health risks and increase occupational safety.

Already in the early stages, Taskmill came to help with the goal-oriented running of daily operations and to ensure the success of the development work. Taskmill’s Agile Leadership Consultant Timo Ruottinen acted as Scrum Master for the project’s two development teams. The efficiency and quality of development work and seamless cooperation between different stakeholders were the cornerstones of Ruottinen’s daily work.

“I try to make the daily life of the development teams as easy as possible and remove all the blockers that slow down or prevent the development work from the teams’ paths. We improved the teams’ working methods from sprint to sprint, among other things, with the help of the retrospectives I led. This has been one of the most interesting projects I’ve been involved in,” says Ruottinen.

“Both applications were released on schedule and with the desired quality, and now they enable Mirka’s customers to have an effortless and modern customer experience. I can’t wait to see what innovations Mirka will take forward next!” Ruottinen continues.

Matias Sandås, the Program Manager responsible for Mirka’s customer experience, has collaborated with several Taskmill consultants. “Taskmill’s experts have truly represented Mirka and taken our ambitions forward in various projects. In addition, if necessary, we have sparred on how to promote agility in our operations. I have been very satisfied with the cooperation”, says Sandås.

The Mirka Bulldog is familiar to every Finn, but 97% of the company’s products are exported. In the future, we will see more new innovations from this adaptable company.

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