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World’s Largest Media Agency Group Has an Agile Heart

Taskmill’s Agile Coach helped GroupM to take agile methods successfully in use

GroupM is the world’s largest media agency group, striving for continuous improvement and transparency in all its operations – including internally. Thus, its industry’s leading company turned to Taskmill when it was time to develop internal practices to meet the demands of the future. 

GroupM’s original need was to implement an internal tool and, more broadly, to agile ways of working. The customer’s goal was clear – they wanted to deploy the tool quickly, yet in a way that employees could master it thoroughly. The journey of how experts would be prepared for the deployment of the tool was unknown. Tomi Makkonen, Taskmill’s Agile Leadership Consultant, sought to meet this challenge.

The agile transformation was broken up into small and easy-to-adopt pieces. First, the tool itself was introduced and the operation of the tool was clarified for each expert.

The next step was to analyze the ways of working and thinking. Info sessions, general training and hands-on testing were planned and scheduled for each component in order to have GroupM as part of the exchange at every stage. It was particularly important to start testing and data collection as early as possible so that challenges could be identified and addressed. That’s why it was crucial for our expert Tomi to get to work hands-on!

“My task has been to streamline the time spent on the project and support the team responsible for change in their work. When team members work on development alongside other work, it is especially important to get the most out of the time spent on development,” says Tomi. The goal has been furthered through feedback cycles typical to agile development, eight-week increments and weekly status meetings.

“Sometimes you forget that Tomi is a consultant and not an actual part of our organization! Tomi knows where we stand with other development projects as well, and I don’t know what would have happened without Tomi’s help,” says Niina Alakoski, GroupM’s COO.

As an agile expert, Tomi has also been able to help and support GroupM’s experts more widely. Similar deployment projects are underway in other Nordic countries, and Tomi has identified important areas for development that may have been shared across national borders. At the same time, Tomi has acted as a representative of the project in other countries and clarified the overall picture. “Tomi has been more precious than gold in terms of both expertise and project management. Things are progressing independently, and it has been great to learn agile ways of working through practice,” says Niina Alakoski.

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