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Accelerators of Digital Transformation for SMEs

LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences form an international, high-quality, experimental and energetic university community. DigiUP is a joint project of these universities set up to help SMEs in digital transformation. The project develops tools and methods that enable companies to integrate digital development and digitalization goals into the company’s overall strategy as well as long-term strategic goals.

The university community chose Taskmill to support the launch of the digiUP pilot and to design and facilitate a series of workshops for client companies. The purpose of the workshops was to find a strategic target for change, indicators to measure the success of change and a roadmap for implementing change. At the same time, Taskmill’s experts created tools for the workshop and trained the project’s own staff to facilitate the workshop in the future.

Prior to the start of the workshops, we mapped the current state of the companies through a digital survey and preformed an analysis based on the survey, as part of the project.

“We conducted the workshops in two parts completely remotely and using virtual whiteboards. In the first workshop, we mapped the company’s current production process together with the client and analysed the areas where digitalisation could help the company”, Taskmill’s expert Raija Harle describes the first phase of the workshop.

“In addition, we jointly identified potential metrics to measure the benefits of digitalization.”

After the first workshop, our client’s employees were given the task of continuing to think about the indicators and what aspects of their own work could be automated.

“In the next workshop, the client selected the first development target and we did a requirements specification for the digital tool. The company thus got a set of questions that they can use in interviews with supplier candidates”, Taskmill’s Mikko Piiroinen describes.

“We are working together on a project related to the introduction of a digital tool, so that the company knows the next steps to take the transformation past the finish line,” Piiroinen continues.

After the workshops, experts from the university community further helped the client company to find suitable supplier candidates.

“Mikko and Raija are an excellently skilled pair, with whom it is very pleasant to work. In addition to facilitating the actual workshops brilliantly, they have always involved us in both development and learning and have created tools for us to use in the future. In addition to professionalism, your company exudes caring, unwavering work ethic and positivity! Our customers were also happy with how much they got out of the workshop”, says Sariseelia Sore, LAB’s project leader.

LAB and LUT offer companies in the Päijät-Häme region great opportunities in the field of digitalisation, and these are really worth taking advantage of. You can read more about the digiUP project here.

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