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A Skilled RTE in Metsäkeskus’ Agile Release Train

Metsäkeskus – the Finnish Forest Centre – uses an operating model based on the SAFe® framework in its applications development. The goal is to renew all the central information systems of Metsäkeskus between 2019-2024. Taskmill has supported Metsäkeskus in the midst of intensive work by offering a skilled RTE to lead the release train.

Taskmill’s Virpi Repo has worked as an RTE (Release Train Engineer) and facilitated the meetings of the Agile Release Train from weekly meetings to PI planning. In addition, she has supported the teams by participating in team-level gatherings and giving vast advice to both long-time employees and many completely new teams. Along with day-to-day work, the train’s operations have been developed by refining the details of Metsäkeskus’ operating model with the help of Repo’s professionalism and uncompromising attitude. Virpi has come up with several comprehensive trainings for Metsäkeskus and has trained new people and teams to work in different roles in the release train.

“Our application suppliers have praised our operating model, with which our information system projects have progressed in a controlled and transparent manner. Virpi’s work has been invaluable to us, as Metsäkeskus has held competitive tendering for new information systems during the spring, which, alongside acting as an RTE’s would not have been successful,” praises Metsäkeskus’ development manager Henna Etula who will step back into the role of RTE. Applications coordinator Eeva Mäenpää is involved in Metsäkeskus’ application development operating model and is responsible for Metsäkeskus’ Jira. She is very satisfied with Repo’s work. “Virp has been of considerable help to us in documenting the operating model, where the entirety is comprehensively documented to support work in the release train. In addition, I have received particularly good tips from Virpi on how Atlassian’s Jira can be used to support the application of the SAFe® framework.”

“Working as the RTE of Metsäkeskus’ Agile Release Train has been a great experience. The team wants to learn and is ready to accept tips. It’s great to see how the new teams joining the release train quickly get the hang of things, thanks to the comprehensive operating model in use and targeted training,” says RTE Virpi Repo, who also acted as a SAFe coach.

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