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The secrets of the PI-planning

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The secrets of PI-planning opens the door into the magic of a big room planning. No matter what you call it, PI-planning, big room planning or quarterly planning, it’s intended to help organisation play to the same game. The event brings together the people and organisations strategy and objectives. During the planning teams and team of teams plan their priorities and work for next three months. This helps build transparency and visualise how the work helps build strategic goals.

This training is intended to be a stepping stone to the first planning event. It answers for excample

  • Why a big bunch of people spends two days planning
  • How each role should prepare for the event
  • What happens during the planning days


  • Purpose of the planning event
  • How to prepare for the event, what is expected from my role
  • First day agenda
    • Meaningful morning briefings
    • Team breakouts
    • Estimating work using the planning poker
    • Building and learning to read the program board
    • Draft plan review
    • Management review – what did we just learn?
  • Second day agenda
    • Needed adjustments presented
    • Team breakouts to continue, finalising the plans
    • How business value is assigned
    • Final plan review
    • Risk ROAMing (Resolved, Owned, Accepted, Mitigated)
    • Confidence vore
    • Planning retrospective

Who should participate?

This training is developed as a introduction to the planning event for all participants of the event. Typically the participants consist of e.g. development and business teams (like legal, marketing, sales, HR), product management, business owners, stakeholders and possibly the customers.

No prerequisites.


“The secrets of the PI-planning” training is a great basis for first planning event. Read how Landis + Gyr succeeded in their first proper PI-planning:

You also get a simple agenda to start with and emphasises the benefits of the event. People working in different roles get the understanding how they should prepare for the event and what is expected from them.

About the training

Duration of the training is three hours. Training can be conducted in live-online setting or in a classroom.

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