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Succeed in Remote Leadership – The Key to Leading Remote Work and Decentralised Organisations


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In too many organisations, the increase in remote work has increased hierarchy, meeting and the unnecessary sense of urgency. A hybrid model brings new kinds of challenges.

To succeed in remote management, communication, coordination and culture must be at the center of everything. Changes in the ways of working also requires updating the leadership style and learning new ways of working on a daily basis. The focus of this training is on leading people and how different techniques and tools can be used to create an atmosphere where teamwork flows even when the team is working completely or partially remotely.


  • Leadership and remote leadership – what are the differences and what is important in remote leadership
  • Remote work – common challenges and how to create the proper conditions for working remotely
  • How to enhance communication and coordination in a remote work model
  • How to plan and execute a remote meeting
  • What types of tools help the team work remotely

Who is this training suitable for?

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the principles of remote work and understand how to make a team succeed remotely. Suitable for all sectors and also for public administration.


  • Prepare the participants to work in or lead an organization where work takes place remotely
  • Provide tools and tips on how to create a remote-work-friendly environment
  • Teach new management skills that participants can utilise at their own work place

Coaches: Andreas Björk and/or Raija Harle

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