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Scrum Master Training – for certification


Time: 12:00 – 16:00
Total hours: 16 hours
Place: Google Meet.
Price: 950 € + VAT 24%.

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    Scrum Master is Scrum’s highest expert, leader, sparrer, peacemaker, kindergarten teacher, problem solver, shoulder to lean on and more.

    Whether you are a novice Scrum Master or have already accumulated experience, you will certainly find the right modules for you to boost your career in our modular training.

    The modules also allow you to prepare for the Professional Scrum Master certification ( The certification is purchased directly from certifications are highly appreciated, and a certificate, once achieved, is always valid.  This class is not endorsed by or affiliated with

    What is Scrum? Watch this 4 minute video.

    Module 1: Scrum Basics – Theory and Simulation

    We will cover the latest version of Scrum theory released in November 2020, highlighting the differences from the older versions. Understand what Scrum really is and how it differs from the organization’s own ways of working.

    “I’ve been a Scrum Master for 10 years now. This course was really helpful; I hadn’t realised all the things that a Scrum Master should really know. ”

    • Agile thinking
    • The Scrum Method
    • The roles and responsibilities of Scrum
      • Product Owner (PO)
      • Scrum Master
      • Developer
    • Scrum events
      • Sprint Planning
      • Daily Scrum
      • Sprint Review
      • Retrospective
    • Scrum artefacts and commitment
      • Product Backlog and Product Goal
      • Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goal
      • Increment and Definition of Done (DoD) 
    • Scrum simulation: experience the events of Scrum in a practical exercise

    Module 2: Efficient Scrum

    Scrum is an easy model, but it requires a lot of expertise from people individually and as a team. In this training, from the perspective of the Scrum Master, we consider how

    • to make facilitation more efficient
    • involve people
    • a team learns to lead itself
    • to build an effective team
    • a multicultural team operates

    Module 3: Scrum Metrics and Value Stream Analysis

    Do metrics help you and your team grow and predict if you are measuring the right things? Metrics are an integral part of development. You need to be able to read and interpret the indicators correctly so that the metrics do not mislead you. Simply measuring the velocity and comparing it between teams leads to the wrong interpretations.

    Value flow analysis helps tmake visible how effective a development organization is, what the quality of work is like, and where the bottlenecks are. Visualization helps to see the problems, and gives the push to solve the problems. Make analysis a part of everyday life: review the situation of the development organization regularly, improve and make sure that development runs more smoothly after improvements.

    • Agile development metrics
      • Burn-down, burn-up, CFD (Cumulative Flow Diagram)
    • Other team-level metrics
    • Metrics of a technical team
    • Operational and business metrics
    • The pitfalls of measuring
    • Value Stream Analysis
      • Product development process and stages
      • Roles
      • Quality
      • Bottlenecks and improvement

    Module 4: Problem Solving in Scrum

    Things don’t always go as planned. Agile teams can face a wide range of problems that the Scrum Master should be able to solve.

    Sometimes the team solves things by going back to old ways, or the business turns the sprint goal on its head. What to do to the team superhero who, with his own solutions, dismisses the opinions of others? What if the team argues so much that it gets nothing done?

    • Advanced topics for Scrum Masters
    • How to detect and solve problems
    • Root cause analysis
    • Problem solving workshop
    • Typical problem situations and solving them
    • Solving imaginary and real life problems brought to us by the participants

    The training includes access to a LinkedIn group where participants and coaches solve problems together after the training.

    “Thank you for the training! Now I understand, what I haven’t understood.”


    Module 1: 13.08.2024 klo 12-16

    Module 2: 20.08.2024 klo 12-16

    Module 3: 27.08.2024 klo 12-16

    Module 4: 03.09.2024 klo 12-16

    The total length of the training is 16 hours.

    Who is this training for?

    The training is intended for those aspiring to become Scrum Masters and for individuals already working as Scrum Masters.

    Request a quote for the training for your organization

    Would you like this training for your own team? The training can also be customized to suit your organization’s specific needs. Request a quote for this training!

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