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    Does your organisation have a strategy that is faltering in implementation? Are you engaged in several strategic change projects without a clear understanding of how the implementation is progressing? Do strategic changes pile on top of all other work without clear prioritisation of tasks?

    If so, the OKR model (Objectives & Key Results) can help. When implemented effectively, OKR can integrate strategy into the everyday workplace and help build trust and more effective collaboration.

    OKR is a goal management model suitable for agile strategy implementation. It transforms strategy into action and aids in both prioritisation and setting consistent goals. With its adoption, an organisation aligns, gains transparency in objectives across the board, and can track the realisation of strategic change goals on a weekly basis.

    Join our OKR training to learn more about the model that guides focus and has led organisations to amazing results.

    OKR Training Agenda

    Morning session 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    • Introduction to the OKR model.
    • After this session, you’ll understand what OKR is and how it supports agile strategy implementation in organisations. You’ll also learn what OKR is not.
    • Key concepts of the OKR Model: Objectives, Key Results, and Tasks.
    • We’ll cover the theory behind objectives and key results, practicing setting inspiring and understandable objectives and defining measurable key results.

    Afternoon session 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

    • Rhythm and Mmnitoring of OKR Planning.
    • We’ll explore the rhythm of the OKR model and how the achievement of objectives and key results is monitored.
    • Common pitfalls of OKR implementation and how to avoid them.
    • We’ll discuss the most common challenges in implementing the model and how to navigate them.
    • The Superpowers of the OKR Model and their impact on organisations.
    • We’ll delve into what the OKR model requires from organisations, what it gives them, and how it can transform them.

    OKR Training

    The training is conducted as a one-day session. If necessary, it can be divided into two half-day sessions. The training focuses on both the theory of the model and practical experiences shared by trainers from their journeys with OKR transformations. Participants will also practice setting objectives and key results.

    In addition to the basic training, a customised workshop can be designed for your organisation, focusing on formulating your own OKR objectives and implementing the OKR model in your organisation.

    Who is OKR Training for?

    The basic OKR training is suitable for anyone interested in the OKR model. It benefits members of executive teams, change management leads, supervisors, HR representatives, and anyone responsible for developing organisations, products, or services. It’s also suitable for those who have already applied the model in practice but want to evaluate their implementation against theory and trainers’ experiences.

    Request a quote for the training for your organization

    Would you like this training for your own team? The training can also be customised to suit your organisation’s specific needs. Request a quote for this training!

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