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Succeed in Inspect & Adapt workshop


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In the heart of continuous (or relentless) improvement is the ability to inspect the efficiency of our ways of working and solve problems. When you have several development teams in your hands and teams are not co-located, the importance of an efficient retrospective and problem solving becomes crucial. Succeed in Inspect & Adapt workshop, and get more out of your development teams!

One of the key competences of a successful organisation is the ability to solve problems. But what are the problems we should solve? To find out, there is the retrospective! Let people participate, speak up their mind. Communicate, learn and work together to find more efficient ways to deliver even better better quality products.

Why to participate?

  • Get the tips to run a successful virtual Inspect & Adapt workshop (I&A)
  • You understand the path from problem to the actual root cause
  • Learn how to prepare efficient problem sentences
  • Learn to facilitate a virtual retrospective and problem solving workshop

Content of the I&A training

  • What is Inspect & Adapt workshop?
  • The purpose of the I&A workshop
  • This is how you prepare for the
    • Demo
    • Metrics
    • Retrospective
    • Problem solving workshop with problem sentences
  • How to facilitate the workshop
    • Root cause analysis and choosing the problem/s
    • Finding solutions and choosing the best one/s

To whom?

This training is designed for people, who are responsible of a multi-team development organisation, like Tribe Lead, Release Train Engineer (RTE), Development Manager or Chief Scrum Master

About the training

Length of the training is about 1,5 hours. This is a remote/virtual training and currently available on order.

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