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Remote Facilitation

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    Facilitation and remote facilitation help a team or group work better together. What changes when a workshop or meeting is hosted via virtual tools? How to activate people remotely? How to get results? How to make even a large group focus on the essentials?

    In remote facilitation, the most important step is design and preparation. Tools and guidelines should be prepared carefully, as should, for example, the participants’ level of involvement. Be prepared for surprises, and make sure to have a plan B.

    Why should you participate?

    Through this training, you will gain a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges of virtual and remote facilitation. You will also be presented with an easy path to design an effective workshop. Participants will also gain first-hand experience of remote facilitation by participating in workshops with digital tools. After participating in this training, you will have the confidence to start facilitating a workshop or meeting in a completely new way.


    • What is remote facilitation?
    • Before the workshop
    • Digital tools 
    • Features of virtuality
    • How different techniques can be transferred to remote settings
    • How to get people to be active remotely
    • Asynchronous facilitation

    Who is this training suitable for?

    The training is suitable for e.g. team leaders, development managers, trainers and team workers, as well as anyone who needs to find a better tool for working together.


    Having some first-hand experience of facilitation will help you make the most out of this training.

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