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Product Owner Training – for certification


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The Product Owner can ruin the product, make a successful product, or something in between. The role of the Product Owner is a difficult one and very critical. This training is a survival package for the Product Owner.

As a new Product Owner, you will gain good basic skills from this training. You will also learn the basic concept and body for developing your work. As an experienced Product Owner, the training gives you the opportunity to develop your own team’s practices with new idea. You will also be able to focus on application and identifying concrete areas of improvement.

The modules also prepare you for the Professional Product Owner Certification ( You can purchase the right to be certified directly from certifications are highly appreciated and have no expiration date.


Module 1: Scrum Basics – Theory and Simulation

  • Agile thinking and the Scrum Method
  • The roles and responsibilities of Scrum
    • Product Owner (PO)
    • Scrum Master
    • Developer
  • Scrum events
    • Sprint Planning
    • Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Review
    • Retrospective
  • Scrum artifacts and commitment
    • Product Backlog and Product Goal
    • Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goal
    • Increment and Definition of Done (DoD) 
  • Scrum simulation: experience the events of Scrum in a practical exercise

Module 2: Product Owner’s Role in Scrum

Module 2 is a cross-section of the role, tasks and characteristics of a product owner.

  • What kind of expertise does a Product Owner (PO) need?
  • The role and tasks of the PO in Scrum events
  • Cooperation with stakeholders, and how to say ”no”
  • Roadmap as the PO’s communication tool
  • Managing expectations
  • PO as a facilitator
  • Product vs. project

Module 3: Product Owner as the Owner of Backlog

The product owner (PO) owns the product backlog. How can they ensure that the right product is built at the right time?

  • What is business value?
  • Measuring value
  • How to link the backlog to your organisation’s goals and strategy
  • Content management – maintaining backlog
  • How to take dependencies into account when planning and monitoring
  • Prioritisation techniques as a support for the PO
  • Budgeting
  • Spikes, technical debt, maintenance
  • Forecasting, managing releases
  • Decision-making

Module 4: Agile Requirement Management (User Story Technique)

User stories are a good way to communicate between business and IT, for example, as they are written in the language of the business from the user’s point of view. The user story describes the need, the one who is in need and the desired business benefit.

  • User Story Technique
  • 3C: card – confirmation – conversation
  • What does a good user story look like (INVEST-model)?
  • Slicing user stories
  • User Story Mapping

Who is the training for?

The training is aimed at individuals aspiring to become product owners and those who are already working as product owners.

You can participate in the entire training, or choose from a module or modules suitable for your own development needs (more about the modules behind the links above). For more information, please contact

Request a quote for the training for your organization

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