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AI in Team and Knowledge Work


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    Artificial Intelligence, AI, is here to stay and has already changed work methods, teamwork, and decision-making. In this training, you will learn to understand the operating principle of a generative text tool:

    • How generative AI relates to other AI solutions
    • What copyright challenges and ethical issues are associated with the use of generative AI
    • What aspects are believed to change in knowledge work in the future.

    It is recommended that participants have a license to some service such as ChatGPT, Copilot, or Gemini, so that they can get more out of the exercises. This training will teach you how to utilise the same text material for various different purposes.

    AI training agenda

    The two-hour training consists of an interactive lecture and practical exercises using your own computer.

    1. Introduction to Generative AI, operating principle and its relation to other AI.
    2. Ethical considerations, sustainable development, and future prospects: How AI has already changed the work of knowledge workers, what companies need to prepare for, the direction we are heading, and what ethical questions we still have ahead of us.
    3. Case examples and best practices: Examples of how Gen AI has helped teams achieve their goals, improve communication, and streamline work. Brainstorming, visualisation of thoughts, risk assessment.
    4. Tools and technologies: Different tools and technologies that can be utilised in teamwork.
    5. Practical exercises: prompting and metaprompting, working with your own material or sample material.
    6. Feedback and final discussion

    Who is the training suitable for?

    The training is suitable for all knowledge workers who want to enhance their work with the help of AI.

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