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User story workshop


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In the User Story Workshop, we start describing user stories from our own context, and we can, for example, create a preliminary backlog for a new product or a new feature.

A user story is a clever package that describes the change requester, the actual need, and the benefit derived from the change in a single sentence. Because these stories are written in business language, experts are excellent candidates for writing them. A user story depicts the customer’s problem, not its solution. It serves as a conversation starter with developers. Based on the discussion held together, the user story can be refined, and acceptance criteria are added to it.

The User Story Workshop can be enriched with the User Story Mapping technique. This approach enables easy visualization of user needs if those needs form some kind of workflow.

A good user story follows the INVEST rule:

I – Independent: it can be implemented independently.

N – Negotiable: it describes the problem but leaves the power to the team to decide how to solve it.

V – Valuable: the user story delivers value.

E – Estimable: the effort needed to implement the user story is estimable.

S – Small: the stories are small, taking hours or at most a few days to complete.

T – Testable: the story must be testable.


  • A short training session on user stories and the INVEST rule
  • Practicing writing user stories from our own content
  • Assessing the content of user stories and how well they adhere to the INVEST rule
  • Practicing writing acceptance criteria
  • Exploring ways to break down user stories
  • Breaking down our own user stories into smaller parts
  • Practicing the User Story Mapping technique to visualize user needs
  • Continuing practice until the desired objective is achieved, such as a preliminary backlog for a new product

The workshop is tailored to each specific customer. Depending on the need, the duration of the workshop can range from half a day to a full day. Ideally, it is conducted face-to-face, organized for a team dealing with a specific product backlog. The workshop can also be held remotely, in which case we recommend breaking it down into smaller sessions.

Who is the training suitable for?

The User Story Workshop is well-suited for product owners who want to enhance their understanding of user stories and their significance in product development. It is also beneficial for teams that are just starting to utilize user stories as part of their work or embarking on the design of a new product and wish to learn how to create strong user stories. During the training, participants will receive coaching and guidance in writing effective user stories and understanding their impact.

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