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Agile Requirement Management (User Story Technique)

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Do you want to get one big thing done? Two tips: break down the goal into several small goals and focus on doing one thing at a time. By doing this, things will start to roll and your workload will seem smaller.

In agile methods, specification of product content is also done in small pieces. User stories are a good way to communicate between business and IT. They are written business language, and the need, the one who is in need, and business value are all linked in one sentence.


  • User Story Technique
  • 3C: card – confirmation – conversation
  • What does a good user story look like (INVEST-model)?
  • Slicing user stories
  • User Story Mapping

Who is this training suitable for?

The training is suitable for anyone thinking about product content, such as business representatives, product management representatives and developers and testers.

Coach: Raija Harle

This training also serves as part of the Product Owner (PO) Training: For more information, please contact


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