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Lego4Scrum – let’s make learning fun!


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Lego4Scrum helps your team learn the secrets of the world’s most widely used agile method, Scrum, in a fun way. At the same time, you learn to identify what is valuable to the customer and how to quickly create something useful and usable.


  • Brief introduction to agility and Scrum
  • Presentation of the vision – what do we want to achieve today
  • Using user story mapping technique: participants identify the user personas and needs related to the building project. Then, ideas are generated on how to meet the user needs, and a preliminary backlog is prepared.
  • In backlog refinement, the backlog is specified, tasks are refined and estimated.
  • And finally, we get to build with Lego! Building takes place in twenty-minute sprints.
  • The sprint is planned, the building phase lasts 7 minutes, and finally, a review and retrospective are held.

User story mapping visualizes a new development as a workflow or process, making it easy to understand. This technique can be used in developing a new product or designing a single feature.

The Scrum simulation with Lego is a very concrete and practical way to learn something new. It quickly highlights many of the typical problems faced by agile teams. In addition to the retrospective and reflection, during the workshop, we discuss how to apply what we have learned to our own team or work environment.

Lego4Scrum in action

The workshop is based on Alexey Krivitsky’s Lego4Scrum simulation. However, the workshop is constantly evolving, and each trainer adds their own touch to it.

We offer this training/workshop tailored to the customer, as a classroom implementation. You can also combine this with more advanced Scrum topics from the Scrum Master or Product Owner training paths.

The length of the training is one day.

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