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Epic / Feature Workshop


In the Epic / Feature workshop we write requirements from the business and user perspective. Product goal is sliced into valuable pieces, and for these benefit hypothesis is written. When slicing the goal we keep the MVP-thinking in our minds (Minimum Viable Product), and prioritise the parts with which can ensure we are building something valuable. In this workshop we are using your own context, so this not “an extra detached thingy”, but something that helps you build the new product properly.

Workshops agenda:

  • Short training part:
    • What is an epic?
    • How to write a benefit hypothesis?
    • What is a lean business case?
    • How to measure the value?
    • Epic lifecycle – lean startup cycle.
    • What is a feature?
    • How to slice epic into features?
    • How to write content, benefits and acceptance criteria?
  • Epic/ feature workshop
    • We either start writing new epics OR familiarise ourselves with existing ones.
    • Evaluation and refinement of epics.
    • Writing the lean business case finding reasonable metrics.
    • Slicing epic into features (starting with MVP).
    • Writing down the acceptance criteria for the features.
    • Noting non-functional requirements.

After the Epic / Feature Workshop you

  • Understand how to describe the big initiatives
  • Understand what kind of metrics epics should have
  • Learn to slice big initiatives into smaller pieces of value
  • Learn to describe what kind of value the initiative produces
  • Understand that epic and feature are describing the customers’ problem, and solution is left for the agile teams
  • Get progress on your actual epics and features

You can get this workshop for your own team. Typically the length is one full day. Best option is to organise this face-2-face. It is also possible to use remote settings, when splitting the workshop into 2 days.

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