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Do you want results? Self-organisation? Responsiveness? Innovations? Getting things done? Agile leadership helps organisations thrive.

Leadership is undergoing a transformation, moving from task management to people management. A good leader is a coach, a trainer, and a guide. A good leader enables individuals and teams with the best knowledge, skills, and environment to achieve their goals. They dare to let go of control, trusting, supporting, and assisting.

Why participate?

  1. You will gain a good understanding of effective leadership in an agile organization.
  2. You will comprehend how to manage the organization’s product portfolio.
  3. You will understand the importance of managing work in progress and why it should be limited.
  4. You will grasp the significance of clear goals and direction for individuals.
  5. You will learn how to empower teams and decentralize decision-making.
  6. During the training, you will create a list of areas that need improvement in your own environment. This list will serve as an excellent foundation for organizational change.


Part 1: Agile thinking

  • What is agility?
  • How to improve customer and employee satisfaction?
  • Agile strategy, strategic themes, and value measurement.
  • Agile budgets – focusing on outcomes rather than outputs.
  • Leadership in an agile organization.

Part 2: Agile portfolio management

  • Strategy and Vision
  • MVP Thinking (Minimum Viable Product – identifying the smallest valuable whole)
  • Portfolio transparency, prioritization, limiting work in progress, and capacity
  • Value: understanding, delivering, and measuring value (agile metrics)

Who is the training suitable for?

The target audience for the training includes, among others, management, development managers, and product management personnel.

About the training

The training duration is approximately 7 hours. The training can be divided into 4-hour and 3-hour sessions, and it can be delivered either virtually or in a classroom setting.

The training is workshop-oriented – in each session, best practices are adapted to the specific situation and needs of the participants’ own organization. Organizational content is used in visualizing the work. Therefore, the training is best suited for implementation within a single organization/company.

Request a quote for the training for your organization

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