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Succeed in the Inspect & Adapt Workshop


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At the core of continuous improvement is the ability to examine the efficiency of one’s work and solve emerging problems. When there are multiple development teams, teams are dispersed, and there are many people involved, the importance of retrospectives and problem-solving workshops becomes more pronounced. Succeed in the Inspect & Adapt Workshop and get more out of your large development engine!

One of the hallmarks of a functional organization is problem-solving ability. But what are those problems to be solved? Well, that is discovered in the retrospective! Engage people, harness collective intelligence, and find the keys to a more efficient and high-quality way of working.

Why participate?

  • You will receive tips for the flow of a distributed Inspect & Adapt (I&A) workshop
  • You will understand the path from problem to root cause
  • You will learn to prepare effective problem statements
  • You will learn to facilitate retrospectives and problem-solving workshops for distributed teams


  • What is an Inspect & Adapt Workshop?
  • The significance of the workshop
  • How to prepare for the workshop
    • Demo
    • Metrics
    • Retrospective
    • Problem-solving workshop and formulating problem statements
  • How to facilitate a workshop for distributed teams
    • Root cause analysis and problem selection
    • Searching for solutions and selecting the best ones

Who is the Inspect & Adapt training suitable for?

The training is designed for individuals responsible for overseeing and improving the operations of multiple development teams, such as Tribe Leads, Release Train Engineers (RTEs), Development Managers, or Chief Scrum Masters.

About the training

The training duration is approximately 1.5 hours. The training is conducted remotely and currently available only as an in-company implementation.

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