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Lean portfolio management – Classroom


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SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is a two-day interactive course that you can complement with a ‘Get started’ workshop day within your own organization. Although this is a SAFe course, portfolio management can be effectively utilized in other scaled agile methodologies as well.

In this course, participants will gain practical tools and techniques needed to establish Lean Portfolio Management, covering aspects related to both strategy and portfolio governance.

Participants will have the opportunity to describe the current state and future state using the Portfolio canvas tool and identify key business initiatives to achieve the portfolio vision. They will also receive insights into portfolio management using Kanban and prioritizing large development initiatives to achieve maximum economic benefit.

Participants will also acquire an understanding of agile budgeting and budget constraints, as well as measuring portfolio efficiency.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM).
  • Align the organization’s vision with the portfolio.
  • Implement agile budgeting and budget constraints.
  • Support continuous improvement through Agile PMO and Communities of Practice (CoP).
  • Coordinate value streams.
  • Measure LPM effectiveness.
  • Build a plan for the adoption of their own LPM function

Who is this training suitable for?

CEO, Project Manager, Release Train Engineer, Solution Manager, Agile Coach, SAFe Program Consultant, Portfolio Manager, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Consultant, Architect, Management, Product Manager, Human Resources (HR).

Prerequisite Knowledge

Everyone is welcome to attend the course regardless of previous experience.

However, the training works best if the participant understands the concept and principles of agility, has participated in Leading SAFe or SAFe PO/PM courses, and has experience in a SAFe environment.

More information: Scaled Agile Inc

Coach: Risto Reinikainen

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