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Facilitation Training

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    Facilitation helps a group work better together. The facilitator helps people focus on the right content, discuss neutrally, and enrich each other’s thoughts.

    In workshops, you can come up with new ideas or solve problems, involve people in strategy creation or even put new ideas to practice. Every meeting deserves to be facilitated.

    Why should you participate?

    You will gain a good understanding of facilitation and different facilitation techniques. The training is very practical; you get to experience and try out facilitation and different techniques first-hand. You will also gain confidence in facilitation. At the same time, you will learn to leverage your skills and knowledge in order to facilitate remotely.


    • What is facilitation?
    • What role does the facilitator have?
    • Workshop planning, implementation and aftercare
    • Utilisation of tools
    • Methods of service design and facilitation
    • Remote facilitation – what changes and how to choose the right tools

    Who is this training suitable for?

    The training is suitable for e.g. team leaders, development managers, trainers and anyone else working with groups; for anyone with a need to find a better tool for working together.

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