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Team Self Leadership


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The world of work is undergoing a transformation. Organisations and companies around the world want to dismantle unnecessary structures and excessive bureaucracy. The aim is to have self-directed individuals, team self leadership and a community-driven organisation where people can focus on what matters most.

This requires both self-directedness and community-driven approach.

A self-directed work community doesn’t come into existence with a snap of fingers. In this workshop, you will initially receive the necessary theoretical foundation to understand self-directedness. The theory is immediately put into practice, and together with your own work community, you will delve into the current state and the desired state through retrospectives. The barriers to a self-directed organization are identified, and solutions are sought for them. Finally, common steps are agreed upon towards the desired state.

Who is the training suitable for?

The day is well-suited for all teams with their supervisors who aspire to increase team autonomy and improve collaboration. It is also suitable for organizations that want to break down silos and develop leadership.



  • The Foundation of Self- and Team Self Leadership
  • Why do we need teams?
  • High-performing teams
  • Conflicts and feedback
  • Culture, communication, coordination
  • Team routines and practices
  • Shared leadership – self-leadership and leading with goals and example


  • Retrospective workshop
    • Let’s involve the team and examine how collaboration works from a self-directed perspective.
  • Problem-Solving Workshop
    • How to tackle obstacles in the way of self-direction?
  • Agreement: these steps will take us forward.

What do you gain?

  • You will receive a solid theoretical foundation and understanding of self-direction and the necessary frameworks.
  • You will have the opportunity to work together with your work community to consider your own self-direction guidelines.
  • You will discover and describe your own path towards a self-directed work community.

This workshop is organized on a customer-specific basis and lasts one day. We recommend a classroom-based implementation.

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