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On a Journey to Agility with SSA Digi

Organisaatiolle räätälöity koulutuspolku on varmin tapa saada täydet hyödyt irti valmennuksesta. Koulutuksemme ovat jotain aivan muuta kuin istumista ja kuuntelemista.

Taskmill helps SSA Digi on their journey to agility using Scrum. We organised modular Scrum, Scrum Master and Product Owner trainings for product development. In order for participants to be able to digest what they learned and immediately put teachings to practice in their own work, we organised 2 to 3 hours of training every week.

The feedback after the first module to our head trainer Raija Harle was: ”Wow, this was not just an ordinary training, but we also got real help for our challenges through the conversations and great facilitation!”

After the coaching, we interviewed SSA Digi’s CEO Mauricio Martinez and he said that a lot has changed in a short time: “We quickly saw an improvement in, for example, how developers learned to focus on the right things and have been able to better prioritise our customers’ needs. Instead of a huge list of requirements, we have been able to focus on the functionalities that bring the most benefits to our customers. By doing this, we have produced a valuable application for our customers.”

“Teams have also realized that focusing on the most important functionalities does not mean degrading quality or delivering things that don’t work, but omitting “nice-to-have” functionalities. Teams have now become real task forces for whom commitment is no longer a buzzword – it’s visible in team work. Our developers are committed to providing our customers with the right solution, on time and with high quality. They now understand how our products provide value to our customers.”

SSA Digi

In 2010, Mauricio and Teemu Saari discovered that most of a architect’s routine work can be automated. Through this automation, it was possible to free up time for designing, and come up with important innovations. Based on the removal of routines, Ihme3D was born, and it later became SSA Digi, a subsidiary of the SSA Group. As a result of years of work, in 2014, a comprehensive automation and digitalisation solution in the form of a product was created – Cielo.


Taskmill is a consulting firm specializing in agile management and coaching. Taskmill’s experts are Finland’s most experienced professionals when it comes to agile methods, and they always put their customer’s needs and problems as the starting point of problem-solving.

Taskmill’s trainings are like concentrated juice – they provide you with ideas and content to last a long time. They are survival packages spiced with real-life examples that help you solve the problems you face at the office. In addition to trainings, Taskmill helps its clients succeed in agile change.

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