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Scalable Growth One Agile Step at a Time

Savoa Partners’ doctors treat health center patients remotely. Taskmill helped design a scalable remote healthcare service.

Savoa Partners is a pioneer in remote medical services for health care centers whose expert doctors provide remote services in several municipalities. The company also helps health care centers develop their practices while providing better quality and more efficiency at the same time. At the heart of everything is, of course, the patient, to whom our client aims to provide the best possible care – often also preventively.

An Agile Organisation Responds to Change Quickly

The demand for Savoa Partners’ services grew exponentially after the COVID-19 pandemic began, and the company was able to respond quickly to this change by utilising Taskmill’s agile development model specifically tailored to them (read more here).

The growing demand for remote medical services was met by means of service design. A development project was established, the aim of which was to bring together supply and demand, improve quality and customer satisfaction, and make the service more scalable. The job satisfaction of doctors was an important theme throughout the project and all the actions we took aimed in one way or another to improve customer satisfaction.

“We have been together working with Taskmill for several years. Among other things, they have implemented our own agile project management model that we use in our customer projects. It was a natural solution for us to hire a Taskmill expert to lead the project and help us apply methods and tools suitable for service design”, Savoa Partners’ Chief Product Owner Pia Luukkonen says.

“We first mapped out the process paths from a doctor or client perspective to identify bottlenecks and, on the other hand, particularly well-functioning parts. In addition to a better employee and customer experience, the end results of the project also include high-quality service descriptions, doctor’s instructions, video training and job satisfaction surveys. We managed to build a really great big picture together”, Luukkonen enthuses.

“Recruiting and familiarising new doctors are lengthy processes, so we focused on removing bottlenecks in these areas, among other things. A doctor needs access to many different patient information systems and also needs to be familiarised with different client practices. We responded to this need by producing high quality guidelines, videos and a webinar series. We also introduced the Jira tool, configured by Taskmill’s expert, to transparently manage the diverse tasks involved in the employment of a new doctor. Quality has been an integral part of service design at all stages”, Luukkonen describes.

Doctors Can Work from Anywhere

“You can work from anywhere or even on nursing leave, for example. We wanted to make it possible for each doctor to book the shifts that best suited them as easily as possible. Taskmill’s expert helped us evaluate various digital solutions and we were able to apply a familiar tool to achieve our goal. We first piloted the tool with a small number of doctors and received very positive feedback”, Savoa Partners’ lead remote doctor Minerva Krohn.

“As part of the project, a service management model was also defined and instead of the traditional end of the project, we gradually moved to a management model. An important part of this was the definition of internal roles. During the project, we used a Kanban board and will continue to do so. We will also include retrospectives as part of internal development”, Luukkonen says about the end of the project.

“It has, once again, been a pleasure to work with Savoa’s experts. Savoa’s services touch the lives of many Finns and it is great to be involved in making a significant change to Finnish healthcare”, Taskmill’s expert and CEO Elina Kervinen sums up.

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