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Building a Success Story with POP Pankki

Our experts have worked in POP Pankki’s leading projects as Agile Project Managers and Business Analysts.

According to research, POP Pankki has the most satisfied customers in the banking industry. Customer satisfaction is achieved with good customer service and first-class products and services. Taskmill has been assisting POP Pankki in agile project management for product development since 2018.

Our experts have lead the most critical development projects of POP Pankki in their transformation journey, making their operations more efficient, and customer friendly, while taking into account the special conditions and features of the projects.

“Taskmill’s agile project management professionals have professionally led our projects in line with our strategy. The experts have worked hands-on and set out to move things forward with determination”, says Rainer Sahlberg, POP Pankki’s CIO.

Taskmill’s agile project manager coordinated the multi-vendor project in the bank’s mobile banking reform, which was guided by the bank’s business strategy and involved a mobile and banking system supplier. The project was executed from start to finish using agile methods.

Taskmill’s Agile Leadership Consultant Elina Kervinen worked as a project manager in this international and very complex system reform project, and part of the time she also served as Deputy Program Director. Thanks to Elina, POP Pankki’s business teams switched to working with agile methods.

“Both communication and the transparency of work clearly improved when we started to manage our work by using agile methods and tools”, says Program Director Juha Hallikas.

In addition to agile project management, Taskmill’s experts have worked in POP Pankki’s projects in expert positions in the financial sector. Business Analyst Consultant Elina Jokinen has participated in coordinating the reporting of the system reform project and simplifying the loan portfolio.

In recent years, POP Pankki has succeeded in implementing the finest reforms in the financial sector as a part of their projects. In the future, there will certainly be many more interesting development projects in which Taskmill can help build the bank’s success story.

POP Pankki

POP Pankki is a strong and bold banking group. The community has a long history of over 100 years in the Finnish cooperative banking industry. POP Pankki’s banks are independent, regionally operating co-operative banks owned by their members. According to EPSI Rating, which has been researching Nordic banks for 10 years, POP Pankki has the most satisfied customers in the banking industry. POP Pankki has already been chosen as the best bank in the retail customer category nine times. No other banking or financial company has achieved a similar status.


Taskmill is a consulting firm specializing in agile management and coaching. Taskmill’s experts are Finland’s most experienced professionals when it comes to agile methods, and they always put their customer’s needs and problems as the starting point of problem-solving. Taskmill’s core competence is to simplify and rationalise operating models so that the customer’s projects are completed more efficiently, the end results are of higher quality and job satisfaction is improved. Taskmill’s experts have very strong expertise in the banking and insurance industry, which enables us to provide first-class services to the industry’s customers.

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